Reading Time: 2 minutes The program will encourage children to make eco-friendly lifestyle changes. Credit: Adobe Stock
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry has announced a sizable budget for a youth-focused climate crisis program.

According to The Times of Israel, the ministry is pumping NIS 15 million (US$4.8 million) into the program, which will “teach kids about the climate crisis” as well as “the need to fight against it.”

The ministry developed the initiative alongside the council of youth movements and the Education Ministry. 

The program will include training courses and activities, and will also see the appointment of a sustainability coordinator. Additionally, the project will help establish climate coalitions and encourage younger generations to make eco-friendly lifestyle changes. 

The initiative will kick off during the current school year.

Tackling climate breakdown 

Israel’s Minister of Environmental Protection is Tamar Zandberg. She said the climate emergency is now one of the government’s top priorities “for the first time.”

She made the comments during the 2021 Climate Innovation Summit, which was held online in November. 

“The climate crisis has become a reality, and we must be realistic and speedy in dealing with it. The truth is, that in the post-COVID world, most countries will be focused on restarting their economies,” Zandberg said

“The question then is how to accelerate economic growth, international trade, and infrastructure development, while at the same time, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees and adapting to a world reshaped by climate change?”

As part of the climate drive, the Middle Eastern country has implemented new policies relating to waste, transportation, and energy. It’s also developing a carbon pricing system, whereby the financial cost of pollution will fall into the laps of the polluter, rather than the public. 

Zandberg assured that “… we can leverage our unique experience and expertise, and work together to accelerate sustainable economic growth, improve the health of our planet, and build a more peaceful and prosperous future.”

Last month, at COP26, the minister expressed confidence that Israel will achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Jemima Webber

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