More Than 60% Of Young Americans Support Meat Taxes, New Study Finds

More Than 60% Of Young Americans Support Meat Taxes, New Study Finds

Eighty percent of Veylinx survey participants also said they could be "convinced" to buy more plant-based products


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A person holding up a half eaten burger A new survey says that young Americans want more subsidies for plant-based meat and taxes for conventional meat. - Media Credit: Adobe Stock
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Americans want people to eat fewer meat products, suggests a new survey. And they’re willing to hike prices and raise taxes to make that happen.

A new Veylinx survey asked more than 3,500 US consumers their opinion on taxing meat to reduce consumption.

The findings showed that, overall, nearly 40 percent of participants would back a 10 percent meat tax. But in the younger generation, support was stronger. 

More than 60 percent of Generation Z said they were in favor of a tax. More than 70 percent supported government subsidies to reduce plant-based product prices and advance innovation in the space. 

The study also found that nearly 80 percent of participants “could be convinced” to buy more meat alternatives frequently. An improved taste was one factor, while nearly 30 percent said they would be persuaded by lower prices.

The research also discovered that out of several terms to describe alternative protein products, including “meatless,” “veggie,” “vegan,” and “plant-based,” “meatless” was the most favored. 

A meat tax is ‘reasonable’ and ‘fair’

The idea of added tax has long been discussed as a potential solution to driving down demand for meat, which would, in turn, alleviate pressure on the environment. The meat industry is a leading cause of deforestation and a significant driver of greenhouse gas emissions.

A recent study from the University of Bonn in Germany recommended that rich Western countries reduce meat consumption by at least 75 percent for the sake of the planet. (In Europe, the average person consumes around 80 kilograms of meat every year.)

At the time, the study’s lead author Dr. Matin Qaim suggested that a meat tax could be an effective, “reasonable,” and “fair” way to get people to reduce their consumption.

He added: “Meat has a high environmental cost that is not reflected in current prices.”

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