UK Government Launches ‘Call For Evidence’ To Consider Fur Import And Sales Ban

Members of the public are being urged to give their thoughts on the fur trade to help change government policy...


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UK Government Launches 'Call For Evidence' To Consider Fur Import And Sales Ban 72 percent of the public support a fur import and sales ban... - Media Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission.

The UK government is launching a Call for Evidence consider banning the import and sale of animal fur

The move aims to understand views towards the fur industry from both industry and the public. 

Call for Evidence

However, it concerns the commercial trade in fur only and doesn’t focus on non-commercial, private activity such as transactions and exchanges between private individuals 

Comments from the Call For Evidence will then be used to consider future government policy surrounding the fur trade.

While Britain banned fur farming in 2003, it has since exported more than £800 million worth of animal fur from other countries. 

However, attitudes seem to be changing. A recent poll conducted by Humane Society International UK found 72 percent of the public support a fur import and sales ban.

Moreover, an online petition which garnered one million signatures from a slew of celebs, designers, and retailer was recently submitted to the government. 

‘Banning the sale of fur’

Claire Bass is the executive director for Humane Society International/UK. In a statement sent to PBN, she said: “We welcome Defra’s Call for Evidence as a significant milestone in our #FurFreeBritain campaign.

“Hopefully, [it’s] the first concrete step towards banning the sale of cruel fur in the UK. 

“Our latest opinion poll confirms what previous polls have consistently shown… The majority of Brits want nothing to do with the cruelty of fur farming and trapping and support a ban on fur being imported and sold here. 

“This is an important opportunity for both individual consumers and fashion businesses to let the government know that fur is firmly out of fashion in the UK.”

‘Bankrolling cruel industries overseas’

Bass then added: “As the government defines the UK as a new independent nation in trade… It’s critical that we use this moment to stop bankrolling cruel industries overseas.

“We banned fur farming here because it was too cruel. So, we shouldn’t be paying people overseas to incarcerate animals for their whole lives in tiny cages; all for a bobble hat or hood trim. 

“When the selling stops the suffering stops too. We’re hopeful this Call for Evidence will give Government everything it needs to move forward confidently with a ban.”

Read more about the Call for Evidence here

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