Petition For Mandatory Slaughterhouse Lessons In Schools Gains Traction

The UK petition maintains that children should be taught about where their food comes from


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Children at a UK primary school looking concerned while sat on the classroom floor Despite the fact that most kids eat meat, they're rarely told anything about how it's produced - Media Credit: Adobe Stock

A new petition urging the UK government to introduce mandatory lessons on animal slaughter in schools has reached 1,000 signatures. 

It’s part of a campaign named “Peppa Is Bacon.” The initiative was created in response to the fact that the reality of meat production tends to be intentionally hidden from children. This is despite young people’s natural inclination to protect the animals they are – often unknowingly – eating.

The campaign comes from Plant Based News co-founder Robbie Lockie. They worked on it in conjunction with Matthew Hyndman, Creative Director of Shape History Scotland.

Pigs in crates on a factory farm
Adobe Stock Most kids have no idea of the reality of the meat industry

“It is crucial that, at an appropriate age, children are taught about the sources of their meals, the journey from farm to table, and the ethical considerations of animal welfare,” Lockie said in a statement. “This knowledge will not only foster a deeper understanding of the world around them, but also empower them to make informed decisions about their own consumption choices, leading to a more compassionate and sustainable future for all.”

Hyndman added that kids have a “deep and innate curiosity and love for animals.” And, that they are given an “inanimate piece of pork or bacon without really realizing that it was once a living creature.”

“Then over time they become desensitized to this truth,” he said. And live a life consuming animals without any thought or compassion.”

The UK meat industry

Each year in the UK, around 1.2 billion land animals are slaughtered for food each year. The vast majority (85 percent) are raised in intensive conditions on factory farms. 

The petition highlights that one million pigs are killed each month. This, in particular, may shock children, many of whom grow up watching the popular television show Peppa Pig

UK residents are being urged to sign the petition to “empower children with knowledge and compassion, so they can make informed choices for a better future.”

Click here to sign the petition.

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