Infectious Disease Experts Urge Joe Biden To Back Global Fur Farming Ban

The POTUS has been sent a letter from 67 experts, highlighting the 'dangerous links between fur farms and zoonotic diseases'


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Infectious Disease Experts Urge Joe Biden To Back Global Fur Farming Ban 'Severe animal welfare deficiencies are inherent to factory fur farming' - Media Credit: Gage Skidmore

A group of infectious disease and animal experts, virologists, and veterinarians is urging Joe Biden to support a global ban on fur farming. 

67 experts have signed a letter created by Humane Society US. It highlights to the POTUS the ‘dangerous links between fur farms and zoonotic diseases’. 

Infectious disease experts

The letter was sent ahead of the G7 meeting – where a slew of wealthy nations form agreements and publish joint statements on global events.

It reads: “It is clear that fur farms have the potential to act as reservoirs of SARS-CoV-2… The intensive breeding conditions typical on fur farms—animals unnaturally crowded together, poor hygiene, stress, injuries and low genetic diversity—are ideal for the creation and spread of novel pathogens. 

“Severe animal welfare deficiencies are inherent to factory fur farming. The trade creates potential for the many tens of millions of animals on fur farms to act as immediate, intermediate or amplifier hosts for viral pathogens. 

“To risk jeopardising our ability to control and end this or future global coronavirus pandemics, for the sake of fur fashion production, would seem imprudent. 

“We therefore support the call by Humane Society International for a permanent global end to the breeding, keeping and killing of animals for the purposes of fur production, and the sale of fur.”

‘Deadly pandemics’

Moreover, Kitty Block is the President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States.

She said: “Protecting people from deadly zoonotic diseases and future pandemics needs to be one of the highest priorities for President Biden and other world leaders at this meeting. 

“On fur farms animals’ suffering is nonstop. They also contribute to global virus outbreaks. This is a common-sense ban that has the potential to prevent devastating outcomes.”

Boris Johnson

The letter was also sent to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

HSI urged the politician to ‘lead world leaders towards a global ban on fur farming’. 

It comes shortly after the UK launched a Call for Evidence to gauge public thought on the sale of fur.

Claire Bass is the executive director of HSI UK. She added: “As the first country in the world to ban fur farming two decades ago… The UK is in a unique position to urge world leaders to take decisive action with a global ban.”

Read the full letter here

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