Reading Time: < 1 minute Goldfish have been taught to navigate mazes (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission)
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Were you ever told that you have the memory of a goldfish for being forgetful?

For years, goldfish have been associated with forgetfulness due to their tiny brains and their apparent three-second memory span.

Despite most people accepting this as truth – it is far from the case. This exclusive Plant Based News video delves into the amazing world of fish.″><

You may be surprised about how complex fish really are

Incredible fish

“Over the years scientists have done numerous tests to discover the truth and turned up some pretty staggering results,” according to the video.

“In one set of studies, scientists added a lever into the fish tank, which when pressed would dispense food. Once the fish knew to press the lever, they made adjustments such as only having it active at a certain time of day, or when a light on the lever was illuminated.

“To the scientists’ surprise, the goldfish actually recognized these changes and learned exactly what to do.”

In addition, people have successfully taught goldfish to weave through poles, navigate mazes and even play basketball.

To find out more you can watch the full video here

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