Streaming Platform WaterBear Helps Honor And Protect Sharks With New Campaign

WaterBear is shining a spotlight on the 'Sharkwater' trilogy to help raise awareness for the growingly endangered species


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Shark swimming in the deep blue sea Rob Stewart dedicated his entire career to raising awareness about the receding population of sharks - Media Credit:

The free streaming platform, WaterBear, which is “dedicated to the future of our planet,” has launched an impact marketing campaign to help protect sharks. As part of this, the company has added the popular Sharkwater trilogy to its collection.

Produced and directed by late Canadian filmmaker and conservationist Rob Stewart, the trilogy features his three documentaries: Sharkwater (2006), Revolution (2012) and Sharkwater Extinction (2018)

From debunking historical stereotypes and exposing the massive illegal shark finning industry, to challenging the media-driven vilification of sharks, the documentaries aim to highlight the threats the shark population faces on a daily basis. 

Driven by passion fed by a lifelong fascination with sharks, Stewart dedicated his career to raising awareness about the receding population of sharks. 

His films have gained more than 70 international awards and have been viewed by over 125 million people worldwide. His work has also helped trigger changes in law and government policy – more than 90 countries have now banned shark finning or the trade of shark products. 

Alarming statistics

However, many countries continue to kill the animals – over 100 million sharks are killed around the world every year. Though researchers estimate the true number could be as high as 273 million.

Global shark populations have already declined by 71 percent over the last 50 years. Considering this, researchers believe there is an unprecedented rise in the risk of extinction.

Siren call for action

The Sharkwater trilogy serves as a siren call for action. It’s a stark reminder that sharks are in danger of extinction, and they could easily be wiped out within a few years due to human interference.

In his third documentary, Sharkwater Extinction, Stewart said, “I thought that if I could change the public’s view of sharks, if I could make them love these animals like I did… see that they’re beautiful and amazing and magnificent and important, people would then also want to fight for their protection.”

In a statement, Josh Blau, head of acquisitions at WaterBear, said: “Rob Stewart is an inspiration, and we want to honor his legacy and work by shining a spotlight on this devastating issue and encourage our members to take action.”

In collaboration with Sea Shepherd and Parley for the Oceans, WaterBear is encouraging those who watch the documentary to support the “Nets out Now” petition. The petition calls for the removal of nets and drum lines to help put an end to Australia’s 84-year-old shark culls.

To watch the Sharkwater trilogy, as well as other award-winning documentaries that focus on shaping a better future for our fragile planet, head over to WaterBear’s website where you can stream the videos at any time and on any device, all for free.

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