How To Watch ‘Christspiracy’: The Documentary Is Being Released Very Soon

Christspiracy: The Spirituality Secret is coming soon to movie theaters - here’s when and how to watch it


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Christspiracy director Kip Andersen superimposed onto an illustration of Jesus Christspiracy is set for release next year - Media Credit: Christspiracy

Christspiracy caused a huge stir when it was first announced last year, and people around the world have been waiting in anticipation for news of its release date. The makers have now finally confirmed it will be available to watch in a matter of weeks. Here’s how to watch Christspiracy

The film comes from Kip Andersen, the maker of Cowspiracy, What the Health, and Seaspiracy. He teamed up with Kameron Waters, a US-based Christian who posed the question “is there an ethical or a spiritual way to kill an animal?” to him at a Q&A session a few years ago. The pair went on a journey to four continents to answer that question, focusing on religions including Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, as well as Christianity. 

While the film largely revolves around religion, it also explores ethics, philosophy, history, and a variety of other disciplines, meaning it has a broad appeal beyond those who are religious or interested in religion. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch Christspiracy, and when it’s being released. 

When is the Christspiracy release date?

A still from new vegan film Christspiracy, whose release date has been confirmed
Christspiracy Christspiracy is being released in movie theaters worldwide

The filmmakers have now confirmed that Christspiracy will be released worldwide on March 20, 2024. 

Will Christspiracy be on Netflix?

Andersen’s previous films have been available to watch on streaming service Netflix, but this will not be the case for Christspiracy

Due to the controversial nature of the film, which was originally called Cowspiritual, Andersen said that Netflix had asked for substantial edits, which weren’t in line with the makers’ vision of the film. 

“[We are] super grateful to Netflix for providing a platform and releasing the other three previous films,” Andersen previously told Plant Based News (PBN). “With this film it is a little challenging, as some of the subject matter is so bold and so controversial.”

How to watch Christspiracy

The movie is set for theatrical release on two dates (March 20 and March 24) in a number of countries in the world. These include: 

  • USA
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand

Christspiracy will be brought to cinemas in these countries by Trafalgar Releasing (the company that worked on the releases of films including Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, Renaissance, and CS Lewis: The Most Reluctant Convert). The filmmakers have confirmed that 50 percent of net proceeds from theater ticket sales will be donated to animal charities.

For more information on how to get Christspiracy tickets, click here

Can I watch Christspiracy online?

There hasn’t yet been any official announcement on whether Christspiracy will be available online – but watch this space!

What is Christspiracy about?

Vegan documenatry filmmaker Kip Andersen, the creator of Christspiracy
WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo Christspiracy is the latest film from Kip Andersen

As mentioned previously, the film explores a range of different religions and disciplines, but its central focus – as the name suggests – concerns the life of Jesus Christ. 

According to the creators, the film exposes the “biggest cover-up in 2,000 years.” Andersen says that this cover-up is “deeply embedded in the fabric of our society,” and that the film’s revelation “just might redefine what it truly means to be human(e).”

It exposes this cover-up by exploring how some religions have adapted over time to enable their followers to justify cruelty to animals, when this is not what they originally preached. 

Christspiracy is an exclusive story about Jesus Christ that has never been told before,” said Andersen. “What we have uncovered will transform history and future teachings forever.”

He added that the film will show “the truth about what Jesus really meant and what he wanted,” and that the findings were verified by Oxford University professors and doctors. 

“We unveil why the world’s religions have hidden the truth from their people,” said Andersen. “The film and truth will shock you to the core.”

Is Christspiracy anti-Christian?

For anyone concerned that the film may have anti-religious themes, the filmmakers have clarified that the film is not anti-Christian, or anti any of the other religions explored. 

In an Instagram post responding to the question of whether Christspiracy is a “Christian or Christian-bashing film,” Andersen and Waters said: “Absolutely not. In fact, this film explores more than the Christian faith and includes Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and even philosophy, sociology, and history to deeply explore how faiths around the world answer the question: ‘Is there a spiritual way to kill an animal?’ No Christians were harmed in the making of this film. We promise.”

They have also stated that they’re “not pointing fingers, we’re asking questions.”

“What’s been really fun [in test screenings] is that from atheists to devout conservative Christians, any walk of life, they love this film.”

Waters grew up in Georgia, and spent the majority of his childhood in the church. As a child, he never questioned his decision to eat animals, as everyone around him had always eaten meat. He was involved in A Christian hunting and fishing club growing up, until eventually he started asking himself the same question he would put to Andersen years later: Is there a spiritual way to kill an animal? And if so, how would Jesus kill an animal?

Christspiracy hits movie theaters on March 20, 2024

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