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A fishmonger has admitted that Seaspiracy ‘highlights many issues’ within the fishing industry.

Paul Trudgian is the Founder of Fish For Thought – a seafood retailer located in Cornwall, England. 

He featured on BBC Radio 4 alongside George Monbiot to discuss the documentary – which is stirring people’s perception of fish.

Fishmonger responds to Seaspiracy

“We embrace documentaries like Seaspiracy,” Trudgian said. “I think many of the issues that it’s highlighted are very real and significant within this global industry. 

“Things like illegal, un-legislated fishing, modern-day slavery, and the number of things George highlighted, I don’t think they can be disputed. 

“We’ve been talking about some of these issues for a long time and think the conversation is long overdue.”

PBN’s Founder Klaus Mitchell sits down with Ali and Lucy, directors of the Netflix hit Seaspiracy…

‘Protect environmental sustainability’

However, Trudgian also said the only argument made in the documentary he disagrees with is ‘the conclusion that the only answer is to stop buying fish.

He added: “We believe that in order to protect environmental sustainability, you have to take communities with you…

“People should be directed away from the type of global industrial fishing that was highlighted in the film and back towards sustainable fishing.”

‘So, even within the industry, there’s been an acknowledgment of the issues we’ve raised’.

Speaking about Trudgian’s comments, Seaspiracy director Ali Tabrizi exclusively told Plant Based News: “So, even within the industry, there’s been an acknowledgment of the issues we’ve raised.”

“That happens a lot,” added assistant director Lucy Tabrizi.

“Even the people who are coming out with statements – who are in the film – say it raised some good points. But, then the criticism comes.

“Even with a lot of the criticism, they’re still acknowledging that we’re drawing attention to an overall issue that was well overdue to come out and [for] everyone to speak about.”

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