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Clint Eastwood Endorses Plant-Based Diets In New Wildlife Documentary

Celebrated director Clint Eastwood appears in new documentary Why On Earth


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Clint Eastwood has discussed the benefits of plant-based diets, saying that they “effect positive changes for the wellbeing of animals and people.”

The actor and director, who is known for his work on a number of popular Westerns, also spoke about his love of animals in the new wildlife documentary Why On Earth.

He said: “I’m an animal person, I appreciate the beauty of them. I just like to see everything live.”

Why On Earth explores the connection between humans, animals, and the planet. It covers topics like palm oil-related deforestation, trophy hunting, poaching, and the animal agriculture industry. 

The film comes from conservationist filmmaker Katie Cleary, who recently said that viewers will see the “compassionate side” of Eastwood.

“He takes us through the whole process. He’s incredible. He’s a huge animal lover,” she told Fox News. “So, this film really just brings out an amazing side to him that maybe a lot of people haven’t seen, which is that compassionate side, especially for animals.”

Clint Eastwood’s animal advocacy 

Cleary met Eastwood through his daughter Alison Eastwood, who co-founded the animal welfare and rescue organization Eastwood Ranch.

Eastwood states on the website that her love of animals was “instilled in her by her family.”

As well as rescuing animals from shelters, the ranch aims to help reduce pet overpopulation and increase adoptions through campaigns, events, education, spay/neuter programs, and rescue partnerships.

Clint Eastwood filmed scenes from Why On Earth on the ranch, which Cleary described as “amazing.”

She added: “Just seeing his stomping grounds and, you know, just he’s surrounded in nature, and he’s just an amazing person. He just has such a big heart.”

Why On Earth is available to stream on platforms like Amazon and iTunes.

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30 days ago

Looking forward to this, and I hope it’s the beginning of a wave of documentaries about what plant-based diets can do for the planet, for humans, and for all species

Debra Allison Cohn
Debra Allison Cohn
30 days ago

Dear Plant Based News I
Love all your Plant Based Posts💚🌿
Thrilled to see Clint Eastwood
endorse Plant Based and his
daughters Beautiful Animal Ranch🙏
Love “Why On Earth” and pray
for a Plant Based Planet🙏🌿🐾🌍
Blessings 4 All🙏👏👏💚🌿🌍
Debra Allison Cohn
🐝KIND 2 ALL🙏🐾👣💚🌿🌍

Judi Lewis
Judi Lewis
28 days ago

Glad that Clint Eastwood is endorsing a plant based diet and this documentary but would be really interested in if he is a vegan. He doesn’t say he is which makes me wonder.

Barry Kew
Barry Kew
28 days ago

Have we forgotten the three or more orangutans exploited in Eastwood films Every Which Way but Loose and Any Which Way You Can?

Irma luz Roman
Irma luz Roman
28 days ago

yes yes yes Beautiful it’s about time worldwide veganism is safe animals and save the planet when are we going to wake up and see the reality of climate change all over the world where does it start by becoming vegan and stop torturing animals.

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