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The world’s largest vegan film festival is launching its first-ever vegan cookbook competition. 

International Vegan Film Festival (IVFF)’s new contest aims to become ‘the world’s leading plant-based cookbook celebration’.

Each September, the Festival will announce a shortlist of eligible cookbooks, selected by a jury of passionate and experienced vegan cooks. Then, the top three winners will be announced at the IVFF on October 23.

Moreover, prize money will be awarded to the top three entries as selected by the panel of judges.

Vegan cookbook competition

Shawn Stratton is the founder and director of IVFF. In a statement sent to PBN, he said: “Cookbooks are often an integral part of becoming—and remaining—vegan. 

“With so many vegan cookbooks being published each year… We wanted to create a platform to showcase and reward the finest books from vegan chefs and influencers from around the world.”

Vegan film festival

Last year, IVFF held its third annual event online due to COVID-19.

Moreover, the festival featured digital screenings, panels, filmmaker Q&As and more. It said the virtual move was to ‘adapt to prioritize the safety, comfort, and well-being of the community’.

Last year’s festival featured a short documentary on Regan Russell – a vegan advocate who was killed last year after being hit by a slaughterhouse truck.

You can enter the Vegan Cookbook Competition here

Liam Giliver

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