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Climate Week NYC 2021 is set to launch on Monday. The week-long event will showcase climate action around the world. It will also take a closer look at what else needs to be done to protect the planet.

Climate Week NYC 2021

International nonprofit the Climate Group hosts the initiative every year, along with the United Nations and in partnership with the City of New York and COP26.

Governments, businesses, academic institutions, community groups, arts and music organizations, nonprofits and individuals can register an official Climate Week NYC event, to take place either in New York City or online. 

Last year, it held more than 500 events.

Climate Week NYC 2021 will feature workshops, discussions, digital art shows, music, and an expo of sustainable brands, among many others.

Food and the planet

Ten program themes will be covered: Built Environment, Energy, Industry, Environmental Justice, Transport, Finance, Sustainable Living, Nature, Policy, and Food.

The latter is a topic of increasing concern, as the world’s population continues to grow and with it, demand for food surges too.

But the population is steadily becoming more aware of the impact of diet on the planet. As a result, many are choosing to ditch meat and dairy consumption in favor of plant-based food. 

In line with this, World Animal Protection is hosting a vegan food truck event during Climate Week NYC. The nonprofit is teaming up with Daring Foods to hand out free vegan Jerk Chicken Satay from a hybrid solar-powered food truck on September 23. 

Climate Week NYC will take place September 20-26, 2021. For more information, see here.

Jemima Webber

Jemima is a News Writer for Plant Based News. She was previously Senior Editor at LIVEKINDLY, and is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science.