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A staggering 40 percent of participants plan to stay vegan following this year’s Veganuary

The data comes from the official Veganuary 2021 survey* – following the initiative’s record-breaking year.

Veganuary 2021 results

It found that 85 percent of participants plan to stay vegan or at least halve their intake of animal products after January.  

Almost half (46 percent) of respondents said animals were their number one motivation for trying the initiative – with 22 percent citing health reasons. 

Moreover, half saw some level of improvement to their overall health. This includes increased energy, improved mood, better skin, and ‘desired change in body weight’.

‘Making plant-based eating easy and accessible’

Toni Vernelli is Veganuary’s International Head of Communications. She said: “These incredible results show that Veganuary really is inspiring people around the world to adopt a more planet-friendly diet.

“85 percent of our 2021 participants [are] planning to at least halve their intake of animal products permanently – including 40 percent who plan to stay fully vegan.

“We work very hard to equip our participants with as much useful advice, delicious recipes, and friendly support as possible. So, it’s very rewarding to know that 98 percent would recommend Veganuary to others! 

“This figure has been consistent for several years, demonstrating the value of Veganuary’s work in making plant-based eating easy and accessible for everyone.”

*Veganuary sent the survey to 76 percent of the 582,000 participants. 43,982 people responded (10 percent).

**The response to this question cannot be directly compared to previous years as the methodology has changed. It is now asked in the post-pledge survey as opposed to the sign-up survey.

Liam Giliver

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