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One in four Brits have reduced the amount of animal products they’re consuming since the start of COVID-19.

New research by The Vegan Society explores how consumer habits have changed over the last year.

Brits cut back on animal products

It found 19.5 percent of respondents had cut back on meat since the start of the UK lockdown. 

Moreover, 12.3 percent admitted to reducing the amount of dairy and/or eggs in their diet – and 6.9 percent said they’d cut back on both meat and other animal products.

In an additional survey aimed at those who had reduced their animal product consumption – 35 percent were mainly motivated by health concerns. 

30 percent cited environmental reasons as their primary motivation – and one in four said it was because of animal rights issues.

‘COVID-19 has made people think twice’

Louisianna Waring is the Insight and Commercial Policy Officer at The Vegan Society. In a statement sent to PBN, she said: “It’s fantastic to see that not only are people consciously cutting back on animal products, but that this trend has continued over the last twelve months. 

“It’s no surprise that the pandemic has inspired so many consumers to make the switch to plant-based alternatives and adopt a more planet-friendly diet.

“COVID-19 has certainly made people think twice about what they’re eating and where it’s coming from. This is highlighted by the large number of people cutting down on animal products because of their own health concerns.”

Liam Giliver

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