Sam Bentley Releases ‘Hopeful’ New Book: ‘Good News, Planet Earth’

Vegan content creator Sam Bentley has written a new book of positive environmental news


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Vegan Sam Bentley, who has written a book on positive climate news called Good News, Planet Earth Sam Bentley is known for his positive environmental news stories - Media Credit: Sam Bentley via Instagram

Vegan environmentalist Sam Bentley has announced that he’s written a book on the “hopeful developments combating climate change.”

Good News, Planet Earth will focus on positive environmental stories. It will include a number of  examples of efforts to combat the climate crisis around the world. 

“Do you feel like climate change is just getting worse and there’s nothing you can do to stop it?,” the synopsis reads. “Good news – there are tons of efforts already underway to save our planet, and we’d love for you to join the fight.”

Bentley, who is well-known on social media for his positive news reels, said he was “super excited” about the release. 

“If you often feel overwhelmed by negative news about the state of our environment, I created this book to be a source of hope and inspiration, as well as give you practical tools to make a difference in the world,” he said in a statement on Instagram. 

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Since Bentley announced the release on social media, he has received a number of pre-orders and a great deal of support from his followers. “It feels completely surreal,” he told Plant Based News. “I’ve been blown away by the love for the book. Reading through the comments brought me to tears – just seeing the desire from people to have a book like this in the world.”

‘Good News, Planet Earth’

The book is said to be both accessible and easy to understand. According to Bentley, it’s an ideal gift for an environmentally conscious friend or family member.

It contains 25 chapters, which cover ocean-cleanup innovations, composting initiatives, and animal rights activism. Also covered are solar power advancements, efforts to greenify public spaces, public transportation solutions, and more.

There are also 100 “actionable steps” that people can take to be part of the “positive change” for our planet. 

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