Book Release Seeks To ‘Dispel Myths’ About Black Masculinity And Veganism


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Brotha Vegan editor Omowale Adewale is leading conversations about veganism in the Black community - Media Credit: Instagram

A recently published book titled Brotha Vegan is seeking to ‘dispel the myths’ about Black masculinity and Black cultures, and how it intersections with veganism.

It covers food, identity, health, and society. This is from the perspectives of 27 Black men – including athletes, doctors, and spiritual leaders.

Black masculinity

Brotha Vegan ‘provides theories manifested by Black people for Black people, during a time where we are revisiting Black liberation’, says editor Omowale Adewale.

It delves into fatherhood, politics, sexuality, gender, health, animal advocacy, and the environment. Omowale says it expresses ‘the many ways that veganism is lived and expressed within the Black community in the US’. This is as eating animals has been widely considered an ‘integral’ part of Black manhood.

Brotha Vegan

Brotha Vegan, which was released last month, is a collection of the experiences of Black men

In the book, the contributors, which include trans men, share their relationships with animals.

Moreover, they speak out on how they ‘honor’ their Black culture through veganism. One chapter sees how the relationship between a man and his dog led to him becoming a physician.

Plant-based politician Eric Adams features in another chapter, and discusses policing and COVID-19. He writes: ‘We need to learn how to communicate with each other, we need to learn how to listen…we’re still experiencing the trauma of slavery and racism in our lives, at I believe, a cellular level.”

At the heart of healing, he explains, is the food we eat.


Omowale is also the founder of Black VegFest, which is a network of African American festivals that celebrate veganism and social justice. The boxing coach and former athlete hopes to continue to inspire Black people to go vegan.

I wanted to support my community in the most incredible way possible – and still be able to defend animals’, Omowale said on an Instagram Live with Plant Based News. He added: “I knew my community would resonate with veganism.”

You can order Brotha Vegan here. Find out more information about Black VegFest here.

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