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People across Europe are reducing their meat consumption ‘much more rapidly than thought’, according to  New Food Magazine.

Dutch firm ingredients firm Griffith Foods has undertaken a Pan Europeansurvey looking into consumer behavior. It polled around 4,000 people in the U.K, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

The organization says the emerging flexitarian market is larger than previously thought. Flexitarians are people who actively want to reduce their meat intake and try alternative proteins.


The survey found that consumers want more ‘adventurous’ vegan and veggie options made available. They want different cuisines including Asian and Mediterranean on offer rather than just standard veggie burgers.

It also looked at meat alternatives.

Flexitarian shoppers are seeking products with a more meat-like texture than many of the options currently available.

‘More rapidly than thought’

Wim van Roekel is president, Griffith Foods, Europe & Africa. He said the research findings ‘may come as a surprise to many’.

They identified ‘a new class of casual consumer who are reducing their meat consumption much more rapidly than thought’.

“That has major implications for food retail manufacturers and producers, and their response to capture and cater to this newfound mass market.

“It’s exciting for our customers. This new demographic, still in its infancy, has a big appetite for choice and change.”

Maria Chiorando

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