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Donté Colley Shares Plant-Based Physical And Mental Health Transformation With 860,000 Instagram Followers

Reading Time: < 1 minute Dancer and content creator Donté Colley boasted the benefits of going plant-based with his more than 860,000 Instagram followers. ‘I have never felt this good in a very long time – both mentally and physically’, the Canadian TikTok star said. He adopted a plant-based diet three months ago. Donté Colley In addition to his ‘entirely’ […]

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Vegan Celebrities Hurt Farmers’ Mental Health, Complains Union

Reading Time: 3 minutes Vegan celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix who speak out about animal agriculture have been accused of hurting livestock farmers’ mental health. Minette Batters, president of the National Farmers Union (NFU), has accused Phoenix of ‘hurting’ the mental wellbeing of farmers as a result of his vegan advocacy. ‘Real life consequences’ Speaking at the union’s annual conference, […]

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Vegan Rich Roll Says: ‘Keto Diets Will Have Detrimental Impact On Health’

Reading Time: < 1 minute In this exclusive video with Plant Based News, Rich Roll shares his opinion on ketogenic diets The extreme athlete – labelled the ‘world’s fittest vegan’ by Men’s Health magazine, spoke about diet during an interview with PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell. According to Roll, the ketogenic diet is ‘undeniably popular’ right now, having just permeated the […]

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PBN Exclusive: Former Morbidly Obese Man Shares How Vegan Diet Improved Mental And Physical Health

Reading Time: 2 minutes A former morbidly obese man from Wyoming, U.S. has embarked on a vegan diet – and is now thriving. 37-year-old Doug Hyatt, who at his heaviest weighed 500 pounds, is now down 130 pounds after having decided to reinvent his life, and discovered a whole food plant-based diet. Following a history of yo-yo dieting, he found […]

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Are Alternative Protein Companies Being Honest About Their Environmental Footprint?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alternative protein is often hailed as the saving grace of the environment, as it’s become clearer that it’s better for the planet than industrial animal agriculture. This is widely agreed upon, among scientists and researchers – and it’s often only met with disagreement from the meat industry itself. But now, a sustainability research company that […]