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ANOTHER Vegan Poster Campaign Launches In London

Reading Time: 5 minutes The vegan poster campaign has just launched today in London. The Go Vegan World campaign launched in the UK last June, and their current campaign – which targets people for the New Year – started at the end of December in Birmingham on the biggest billboard in Europe. The poster launch is calling for uncompromising veganism through complete […]

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We Are On The Edge Of A Climatic Abyss, What Can We Do About It?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Some of the world’s most well known climate scientists have begun to state that we must now declare a global climate emergency. On top of this, scientists are stating that the entire ecological ecosystem is beginning to collapse around our world.  But mainstream media, policy-makers and world leaders are not only ignoring the facts, they […]

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Animal Advocates Should Focus On Anti-speciesism, Not Veganism

Reading Time: 6 minutes The following article was written by guest blogger Magnus Vinding. The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Sentience Politics. How can we help nonhuman animals as much as possible? A good answer to this question could spare billions from suffering and death, while a bad one could condemn as […]