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Big Dairy Says Vegans Miss Out On Iodine: Is It Right?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The pro-dairy lobby is grasping at straws now… the latest attempt to scare people into gulping down the white stuff focuses on iodine. New reports this week in the Daily Mail and Independent suggest that if we drink plant milks, we might go short of this trace mineral.  The study these reports are based on found that plant milks generally don’t contain as […]

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Smearing Vegans As ‘Militant’ Is Wrong And Dangerous. It Must Stop

Reading Time: 5 minutes So vegans are the militant ones?  If you’ve paid attention to the media coverage over the last few weeks, this would be the impression you’re left with, from the Australian-activist Joey Carbstrong challenging Jeremy Vine over his ham sandwich, to a farmer’s claims of receiving death threats as a result of vegans turning up outside […]

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OPINION: Veganism – A Journey To A Better Future

Reading Time: 5 minutes With every transition to veganism comes a journey of which there are many paths. Some choose health and adopt a plant-based diet, some make the switch for environmental reasons, and most, for the animals, living a life that excludes exploitation and cruelty towards our fellow Earthlings. Becoming vegan is a massive lifestyle change, you have […]

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5 Easy Steps To Help You Transition To A Plant Based Diet This Veganuary

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been wondering lately if transitioning to a plant-based (or vegan) diet is for you. You’ve read some of the health benefits like lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of cancers, diabetes, and generally making you feel better.  You may have also stumbled across the environmental benefits like the massive reduction in […]

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Hampton Creek Hires Investigators After Products Removed From Target Stores: Discovers Fraud

Reading Time: 3 minutes Earlier this summer, vegan food start-up Hampton Creek‘s products – including its flagship ‘Just Mayo’ – were pulled from the shelves of Target stores in the US. The mysterious circumstances surrounding the removal prompted the company, which is headed by CEO Josh Tetrick, to hire investigators to look into what was happening. The removal was […]