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Vegan Boom Is ‘Genuine Shift Not Fad’ Says Leading Analyst

Reading Time: < 1 minute Veganism’s time has come, according to a leading market analyst. Molly Johnson-Jones is a Senior Analyst at GlobalData Retail, speaking about the increasing number of vegan products available in mainstream outlets, she told the BBC that retailers are ‘seeking growth anywhere they can find it’. She added: “You can charge more for premium and free-from […]

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Vegan Family To Tackle Mount Kilimanjaro In Record Climb

Reading Time: 3 minutes Three generations of a family are set to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro – one of the world’s toughest peaks – in the world’s first ever exclusively vegan trek. Parents Sharon and Christopher Warner will be joined by their children Alexandra, Madison, and Jordan, as well as Sharon’s vegan mother and stepdad, Deborah and Charles Jefferson The expedition, which […]

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Film Director Flies Drone Over Factory Farms: Footage Is Shocking

Reading Time: 2 minutes A filmmaker has shared shocking footage of factory farms captured by a camera attached to a drone. Mark Devries, who works as Special Projects Coordinator, Investigations for vegan charity Mercy for Animals, directs short-form documentaries about factory farming and animal rights.  He is known for conducting the world’s first drone-based investigation of factory farming.  Deceptive Writing […]

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WORLD VEGAN DAY 2017: 4 Exciting Options To Watch Out For In London

Reading Time: 3 minutes Coming up in two days is long-awaited World Vegan Day (WVD), an annual event celebrating the vegan movement at global level. Taking place on November 1, the event will see vegans coming together for a shared cause: animal rights. WVD will especially be taking London by storm, which will see eateries and various businesses promoting […]

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Veganuary Founders Bring Together Celebs And ‘Best’ Brands To Launch Britain’s Biggest Plant-Based Show

Reading Time: 3 minutes The founders of charity Veganuary have revealed plans to launch Britain’s biggest ever plant-based food show. Celebs including Heather Mills and former rugby player Nick Knowles have confirmed they will attend the event – Thrive – which will take place in Birmingham next April. Veganuary co- founders – husband and wife team Matthew Glover and […]

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5 Easy Steps To Help You Transition To A Plant Based Diet This Veganuary

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been wondering lately if transitioning to a plant-based (or vegan) diet is for you. You’ve read some of the health benefits like lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of cancers, diabetes, and generally making you feel better.  You may have also stumbled across the environmental benefits like the massive reduction in […]

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‘TOWIE’ Star Pete Wicks Rescues Nearly 200 Dogs From South Korean Meat Farm ‘Death Row’

Reading Time: 5 minutes More than 170 dogs have been saved from a dog meat farm in South Korea, according to Humane Society International [HSI]. The charity’s rescue team says it was joined by Pete Wicks from reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex. Wicks described the rescue as ‘one of the most emotional experiences of [his] life’. […]

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Powerful Coalition Worth $3.3 Trillion Tells Big Ag To Go Plant-Based

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the myriad benefits of a plant-based diet become more widely understood, a number of prolific experts have publicly backed this way of eating, calling on businesses for a widespread shift away from global over-reliance on animal agriculture. One of the key players when it comes to prompting the shift on a corporate level, is The […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Getting Enough Vitamin B12 On A Vegan Diet

Reading Time: 5 minutes When talking about plant-based diets, B12 is one of the nutrients people tend to panic about, assuming that vegans are doomed to be deficient in this essential vitamin. Luckily this is not the case, vegan or omnivore, everyone needs a regular source of vitamin B12: for vegans, this means a supplement or sufficient fortified foods […]