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Plant-Based Gym Launches Online Service To Help Healthy Vegan Eating Go Global

Reading Time: 2 minutes A plant-based gym in Colorado aims to reach out to the masses to spread its message about health and veganism. Staff at Whole Health Club just outside Denver follow a plant-based diet, they will share information about their lifestyle through an online community, which will include daily workouts and recipes, professional answers to questions, and Facebook […]

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Plant-Based Cruises: A Look at 2 Awesome Options for Vegans On The High Seas

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the rapid growth of veganism, vegan cruises are more in demand than ever. Luckily, there are some fantastic options for plant-based cruising that are both affordable and luxurious.  You can meet like-minded vegans, enjoy time with cruising companions, or focus on having a solo adventure. Below are two upcoming cruises that offer custom vegan […]

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Major Vegan Ad Campaign Launched On UK Transport Networks

Reading Time: 3 minutes A major vegan ad campaign featuring celebrities and athletes has launched on the London Underground, Manchester’s tram network, the Boston Subway, and Sydney Light Rail today. The campaign is part of a push by charity Veganuary – which encourages people to try a vegan diet during January – to get more people signing up to its […]

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UK’s New £10 Note Revealed Today – And It Is Not Suitable For Vegans

Reading Time: 2 minutes The design of the UK’s new £10 note has been fully revealed today by Bank of England [BoE] Governor Mark Carney – and like the £5 note, it contains beef tallow, making it unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans. The note – which features author Jane Austen – is expected to come into circulation in September. […]

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Vegan Rapper On Internet Backlash: ‘People Are So Eager To Find Fault’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Vegan artist and activist Jay Brave has spoken out about the online backlash he’s faced since the official release of his viral hit, Vegan Shut Up, two weeks ago on November 1. The track, which has racked up an impressive 750k views so far, has caused a ripple in the press and vegansphere. It has also had […]

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Go Vegan World: Went Large in Manchester Ahead of Vegan Education Day

Reading Time: 3 minutes 300 buses are took hard-hitting Go Vegan World – the world’s largest and longest running vegan campaign – onto the streets of Greater Manchester on Vegan Education Day – 22nd April 2017. Through striking digital video and stills, a variety of the campaign’s striking adverts have targeted shoppers, commuters, tourists and city traffic across Manchester. There […]