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Why Everyone Should Join This Vegan Teen Instagrammer’s 500,000 Followers

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Mail Online news outlet has described images created by a 16-year-old vegan Instagrammer as ‘mouthwatering‘. The Naturally.Jo page was created by Jose, a teenager from Lima, Peru. According to the Mail: “A popular Instagram account has managed to do what some would call the impossible: making healthy vegan food look gorgeous, mouth-watering, and delicious — even […]

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Dairy Magazine Article On ‘Rejecting The Vegan Message’ Is Good News For Activists

Reading Time: 3 minutes Animal ag industry outlet Dairy Herd Management has published an article titled Rejecting The Vegan Message. According to the piece, many ‘alternative’ brands have started smearing their opponent – i.e. meat and dairy producers – rather than touting their own benefits, in an attempt to sell more goods. Writer Dan Murphy suggests this is an […]

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Plant-Based Gym Launches Online Service To Help Healthy Vegan Eating Go Global

Reading Time: 2 minutes A plant-based gym in Colorado aims to reach out to the masses to spread its message about health and veganism. Staff at Whole Health Club just outside Denver follow a plant-based diet, they will share information about their lifestyle through an online community, which will include daily workouts and recipes, professional answers to questions, and Facebook […]

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Plant-Based Cruises: A Look at 2 Awesome Options for Vegans On The High Seas

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the rapid growth of veganism, vegan cruises are more in demand than ever. Luckily, there are some fantastic options for plant-based cruising that are both affordable and luxurious.  You can meet like-minded vegans, enjoy time with cruising companions, or focus on having a solo adventure. Below are two upcoming cruises that offer custom vegan […]