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Ricky Gervais Is Eating Vegan Food And Supporting Animal Charities Amid COVID-19

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ricky Gervais has revealed his go-to ‘comfort food’s among the coronavirus lockdown. The comic shared his top dishes during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. The interviewer asked him ‘what have been your go-to comfort foods during all this?’. ‘Meat substitutes’ “Pasta with vegan meatballs. We have tofu stir-fry with noodles. Vegan lasagna. Basically everything […]

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Ricky Gervais Urges U.K Government To Ban Wild Animal Trade Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ricky Gervais is calling on the U.K government to ban the wild animal trade in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Afterlife star has signed an open letter to prime minister Boris Johnson urging him to ‘tell international leaders to stop exploiting wildlife’, accompanied by a petition. Wild animal trade The letter, penned by World […]

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Ricky Gervais Says Wet Markets ‘Must End Now’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ricky Gervais has said the wildlife trade and the consumption of wild animals via wet markets ‘must end’ if we are to avoid future crises like the current coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus is thought to have originated from a wet market – where live animals are slaughtered and sold alongside dead ones – in Wuhan, China, […]

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Comedian Ricky Gervais Urges Followers To Help End Caged Farming

Reading Time: < 1 minute Celebrity comedian Ricky Gervais has urged his followers to help put an end to caged farming.  The star, who regularly speaks out about animal-welfare issues, shared a petition to his 13.4 million Twitter followers captioned ‘Do your stuff, guys!’.  The petition, created by Compassion In World Farming, has already received more than one million signatures: […]

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‘Pandemics Come From Eating Things You F*cking Shouldn’t’ Says Ricky Gervais

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ricky Gervais says pandemics like the current coronavirus outbreak are a result of ‘eating things you f*cking shouldn’t’. COVID-19 is widely believed to have originated from a wet market in Wuhan, China towards the end of 2019. Since then, it has spread globally killing more than 261,000 people worldwide. Since the outbreak started, numerous organizations […]

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Over 70% Of Brits Support Ban On Imported Animal Fur, New Poll Finds

Reading Time: 2 minutes More than 70 percent of Brits support a ban on the import and sale of animal fur in the U.K, according to a new YouGov poll. The poll, which was commissioned by animal-rights charity Humane Society International/ U.K, also found that 93 percent of Brits do not wear animal fur. Whilst the U.K has already […]

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Rumored Vegan Ricky Gervais Wins Major Animal Advocacy Award

Reading Time: 2 minutes Comedian and actor Ricky Gervais – who some people believe is vegan – has won Humane Society International’s first ever ‘Cecil Award’. The award is named after Cecil the Lion, whose death at the hands of American Dentist Walter Palmer sparked despair and fury globally, and shone a spotlight on the barbarity of ‘trophy hunting’. […]

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Ricky Gervais And Vegan Peter Egan Back Campaign To Free Dogs From ‘Cruel And Unnecessary’ Experiments

Reading Time: 2 minutes Comedian Ricky Gervais and vegan actor and advocate Peter Egan have backed a campaign calling for six dogs in a university lab to be freed. The one-year-old animals, at a major university in Gothenburg, are due to be killed at the end of the month. They are part of an experiment to test how dental […]