'You Know You're Vegan When...' Top 10 Signs You've Reached Peak Vegan

‘You Know You’re Vegan When…’ Top 10 Signs You’ve Reached Peak Vegan


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Some of these reasonings will make you laugh (Photo: Brooke Cagle) - Media Credit:
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Vegans are known for being ‘extreme’: showing compassion toward all living beings, saving the planet, and curing their ailments with a plant-based diet. 

Like I said: extreme.

There are also several levels of veganism: from leaving crumbs for ants, to having a newfound appreciation for poop, or hearing moos in the supermarket’s meat section – vegans from Facebook group Vegans United have covered them all.

Have a look at how they filled in the blank: “You know you’re vegan when….”

1. Potatoes are life

Jesper Kallin said: “When you have potatoes EVERYWHERE.”

He has also admitted to taking home all the potatoes from a party when drunk.

2. Correct pronunciation

Jeremy Moore wrote: “When you can pronounce quinoa, Daiya, seitan, acai, and Joaquin Phoenix correctly.”

Entirely true. Take that, meat-eaters! 

3. No Bacon in the house

Flynn Whitehurst added: “When you get rid of all your Kevin Bacon movies.”

All Bacon is to be prohibited in a vegan’s house.

4. Saving spiders

A recurring theme in people’s responses, it seems like vegans are also setting spiders free – instead of killing them.

Gaz Godfrey Mabs said: “When you have feelings for big, hairy, house spiders.”

I wouldn’t go as far, though.

5. Dairy milk in everything

You know when you’re reading the ingredient list of a seemingly vegan product, and you see milk? Exactly.

Nikki Tee filled in the blank: “You know you’re vegan when you say ‘Why the f**k is there milk in this?’.”

6. Ants gotta eat!

All living creatures deserve a chance at life.

Emma Eustace wrote: “You leave crumbs in your holiday apartment because the ants are carrying them to their home!……..true story!”

7. Moos

People also know they’re vegan when they ‘can hear the cows moo when they go through the meat section of the supermarket’, according to Iojeved Olegnowicz De Katz.

?Do you hear the cows mooing in the grocery store?

8. All about that poop

Another recurring theme in the Facebook post was poop – it wouldn’t be a vegan thread without it.

Mustaq Muntaquim said: “You poop more!”

Julie Ouellet also commented: “When you appreciate the fact that you poop often.”

9. Nooch

Vegans should carry nooch with them at all times.

Tammy Francesco Henriques added: “You carry a baggie of nutritional yeast in your purse.”

As one does.

10. Plants are medicine

Peter Strickleton wrote: “You don’t have a doctor.”

Who needs doctors when a plant-based diet provides you with all the medicine you need?*

(*Obviously PBN does NOT recommend you ignore modern medicine. Please make sure you seek appropriate medical advice whenever necessary).


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