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Recently the news has been full of big companies injecting cash into plant-based startups.

Meat giant Tyson just increased its stake in Beyond Burger and Maple Leaf Foods bought vegan company Field Roast for $120 million.


This video looks at how these investments may affect the smaller brands.

According to the film: “While no one expects the food giants of today to put the kibosh on veggie kielbasas there are concerns abound for those who pride themselves on being ethical consumers and wanting to support companies whose values are built on ethical approach to business.

“People seem to be most concerned when they see a company that sells products with no animal ingredients sell their company to a company that does.”


It adds: “Clearly the two companies would seem to be on opposite ends of the ethical spectrum so to say.

“The main concern for those concerned seems to be that they feel this deal is supporting the meat industry, though the opposite may be true; the meat industry may in fact be supporting the vegan meat industry here.”

You canwatch the whole video on YouTube here


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