Top 10 Excuses Meat?Eaters?Make?Against Veganism


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Warning: these common meat-eater arguments against veganism could be idiotic - Media Credit:

We’ve all heard them: the circle of life, canines, ‘bacon tho’ – and so on. 

And we’re beyond tired of the ignorant, unfounded arguments that non-vegans come up with.

Most times, the omnivores’ excuses shunning the vegan lifestyle are so ridiculous, they might make you want to bang your head on the wall. 

Or make you hit them with a frying pan.

They had it coming.

1. God made animals for us to eat

Uh-huh. Clearly. Jesus died for your cholesterol.

Like Gary Yourofsky once said: “What kind of god tells you to enslave, rape, and murder billions of innocents?

“My god doesn’t. Who the hell are YOU listening to to then?”

2. Plants have feelings

An imperishable favorite, the ‘plants have feelings too’ argument is the epitome of utter nonsense.

Plants do not possess any form of higher cognition and do not feel pain, because, you guessed it, they don’t have a nervous system.

But non-vegans probably know – and just wanted to p*ss us off.

3. Blood type diet

There is this argument going around that people should base their diets on their blood type.

Supposedly, blood type O is traced back to cavemen, who were meat eaters; so naturally, type O individuals should up their steak increase – an uninspired defence.

A systemic review of the evidence supporting the blood type diet has denied claims that the blood type diets are accurate, and another Norwegian study has deemed the concept ‘a fantasy’.

4. Animals would take over

If we stopped eating animals, wouldn’t they take over the planet and threaten our survival?

Ummm… do you even logic?

The only reason we have so many farm animals is because we breed them on a mass scale. 

Almost all of the billions of animals that we kill for food every year are the result of artificial insemination.

Even if the world turned vegan, it would be slowly – and no, cows would not be roaming the cities in the near future.

But in a sense, the argument is right; animals are taking over. They’re just called humans.

5. Bacon tho

It’s just pieces of flesh from the back of a tortured animal – not oxygen.

As one of the most egocentric responses to veganism, ‘bacon tho’ makes me cringe. 

What kind of person are you if you value your taste buds more than the lives of other beings? 

Although, perhaps the people shouting ‘BUT BACON’ really do have half a brain and don’t understand where bacon comes from – or maybe they take delight in the death of animals.

And also: Mmmm heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes…

Lions eat meat… so we should eat meat… hmm
Lions eat meat… so we should eat meat… hmm

6. Lions eat meat

Soo… are you a lion? No? Who would’ve guessed?

You’re not a predator or a committed carnivore who has no choice but hunt for food.

You’re a herbivore with a moral compass; eating meat is not necessary, and it’s down to you to make the ethical choice.

This quote sums it up nicely: “If you could live happily and healthily without harming others, why wouldn’t you?”

7. Can’t live without cheese

Again, cheese isn’t oxygen. You will find that you might survive giving it up.

There are so many vegan chesees on the market that are currently available, there certainly will be something that suits your fancy.

A guide to surviving without cheese (Photo: Vegan Sidekick)

8. Canines

There are so many wrong things with this excuse, I don’t even know where to begin.

First things first, humans’ canines are nothing like those of lions or other carnivores.

Secondly, humans are naturally plant-based eaters, whose physiology evolved for processing starches, fruits, and vegetables, and not tearing and chewing flesh.

Your canine teeth don’t make you a meat-eater; and even having a physical attribute that enables us to do harm, does not mean we are morally justified to do so.

9. Our ancestors did it

Repeat after me: history does not equal justification.

Even if we knew for sure what our early ancestors were eating, it wouldn’t make it logical to conclude that we should continue doing so.

10. Protein

And the most original argument against veganism award goes to: protein. *face palm*


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