Top 10 Vegan Eats And Places To Eat In Bali

Top 10 Vegan Eats And Places To Eat In Bali


(updated 1st October 2020)

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Bali, the island of Gods, and food.

This beautiful Indonesian island is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, mainly known for its spectacular beaches, wild jungles, its resorts, the people, the culture, and everything else associated with this wonderful paradise.

But there is so much more to be amazed by, and for me at least, vegan food is most certainly at the top of that list. So as a passionate foodie myself, with a serious appetite for plant-based food, I have compiled a list of some of the best places for vegans to eat in Bali.

1. Zest – Ubud

Zest is the best. Colorful fruits, filling roots, fragrant spices and a sprinkle of heritage rice, this place has it all. By far one of the most beautiful spots on the entire island. You feel the enchanted vibe as soon as you walk in.

It’s surrounded by peaceful and ethereal zen gardens with fascinating rock structures. Even the interior is something else: a tree covered in orchids right in the middle of the high ceiling space, massive windows everywhere, statues of Buddhas, phenomenal artwork and lush vegetation all around.

The views are beyond spectacular too. Zests balcony gardens overlook the Campuhan bridges pristine jungles. Right on their high up wooden decks, you can see the most stunning Avatar-like trees in Ubud.

Did I mention the life-changing food? I’ve been dreaming about it ever since. All the ingredients used are sourced locally, supporting organic farmers, local artisans and even some of their staff grow their produce at home.

Everything is more than fresh and nourishing, which you really taste through the food on your plate. Its also reasonably priced considering the outstanding quality and gourmet genius you’ll be treating yourself to.

Favorites included the mouthwatering Cacao Ceremony (a naturally rich and indulgent Balinese hot chocolate), Plant-Powered Nasi Campur and The Awakened Cowboy (jackfruit steak with creamy mushroom sauce & cassava shoestring fries)

As a passionate foodie myself, I can confidently say this is my favorite restaurant in Bali. Scrap that, in fact, it’s my favorite restaurant in the world. Whatever it is that you fancy, your trip to Bali wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this heaven of a restaurant for the most epic and mouthwatering experience of your life.

2. Oma Jamu – Canggu

Bali’s wonderful hidden gem.

This lovely little and traditional vegan restaurant/warung was a dinner staple during our stay in Canggu. The owners and cooks are all super friendly and welcoming. The eatery offers the typical Indonesian style buffet, apart from the fact that all of it is vegan and organic.

You get a delicious variety of around 10-15 dishes to choose from, all for an extremely reasonable price, 45k which is around $2-3.

Buffet options include lentil stews, chickpea curries, mung bean risottos, samba veggies, tempeh/tofu rending, garlic mushrooms, red rice, sweet potato, and veggie fritters, and lots more.

If the buffet isn’t for you, then be sure to order something from the menu, maybe a traditional nasi goreng for good measure. Everything is healthy, delicious and packed full of flavor. Think of this place as kind of like coming home to a cozy comforting meal.

3. Moksa – Ubud

Fine dining and fully plant-based vegan cuisine at its finest. Another hidden gem, this time in the depths of Ubud, Moksa restaurant is nestled away so peacefully that you wouldn’t know it existed if it wasn’t for its excellent reputation.

What’s even more impressive than its atmosphere, reputation and food, are its permaculture gardens where all its ingredients are grown freshly around the site. Moksa even has a dojo – does it get any cooler than that?

The service is faultless, the staff are professional, attentive and friendly. You can tell they are truly invested in the work they do and committed to making your experience a memorable one.

Every single thing on this menu was spectacular. Moksa will leave an imprint on your taste buds that will last forever. We ordered the three-course special which allows diners to order any three courses from the menu, for a very reasonable set price. Our favorites in particular were the Balinese Paella and Savoury Waffle.

The desserts weren’t on the same level as everything else, pretty basic in fact. We had a selection of sweet treats including cakes, brownies and ice-cream selected by the chefs, and to be completely honest, they were very average.

Nevertheless, please do make an effort to visit Moksa as along with Zest, this was by far one of the best restaurants in Bali. Just make sure you have a set location for some desserts after.

4. Kynd Community – Seminyak

Instagram made me try this place, and you may well have come across it at some point on your feed as well. It’s the most aesthetically pleasing and Instagram-worthy restaurant in Bali.

With a beautiful interior design with pink and white walls, adorable decor, and palm trees all around, this place really is picturesque, it’s like something out of a dream. No wonder so many foodies come here and fall in love.

Although to be honest, before actually tasting the food myself, I thought all this hype was just for the gram. I didn’t expect the food to taste nearly as good as the place itself looked. However I was completely wrong, the most award-winning part of the entire experience was most certainly the jaw-dropping food.

As a smoothie bowl fanatic myself, I was more than impressed with the dragon fruit smoothie bowl, which was followed by one of Kynd Community’s gourmet toasts. There are several variations to choose from, all named after famous vegan leaders such as; Ghandi, Nelson, Einstein, and Luther King. I ended up getting the avocado option, and it was the best avocado toast I’ve ever had.

This all had to be finished off with a nibble from the incredible dessert bar. In my case it was a Raw Snickers Cheesecake which left me speechless for the rest of the day.

Even though the presentation of the food and design of the place itself is immaculate, Kynd is a lot more than just a pretty face, it will tickle all your senses and leave you wanting to come back for more.

5. Alchemy – Ubud

Alchemy is a lovely raw vegan establishment, with its own little shop and chill out area. Its light and bright and has an easy and relaxed atmosphere. Unlike other vegan restaurants in Ubud, like Moksa or Zest for example, it isn’t as service orientated in here, but if you can get past that the real stars of the show are the food and drinks.

We had an amazing selection of raw sushi, pizza, and a unique spinach and mushroom quiche which were all absolutely fantastic.

You can also find yourself in salad heaven here. Alchemy has a huge salad bar that has an extensive range of exciting and tasty raw salads. Unlike your usual boring salad bar that has plain chopped up and dull looking vegetables, the salad bar here offers you imaginative, mouthwatering, healthy fresh salads that will leave you hovering with indecision as you try to decide what to pick.

I don’t want to comment too much about the desserts because I’ll get way too emotional that I can’t have them again, or at least for a long time, but trust me when I say this; the raw banoffee pie was the best dessert I have ever had.

6. Shady Shack – Canggu

The name says it, it truly is a shady shack, but a beautiful one. If you aren’t paying attention, you could easily pass by without noticing it, especially when it starts to get a little shady and dark.

Shady shack delivers great healthy food which could never disappoint. It’s near the sea, overlooking a rice field with a proper beach hut vibe, and relaxing feel. It’s another one of my absolute favorites in Bali thanks to the refreshing food, the ambiance, and everything else about this restaurant.

I would seriously recommend the Gyro Jack Burger, a Greek jackfruit style burger which left my mind blown. Along with that, the Fresh Spring Roles and Crispy Mushrooms were excellent side dishes and came with some of the best dips/sauces I’ve ever tasted.

Depending on the time of day, you may have to wait for a table as it started to get really busy the closer it got to dinner time, so keep that in mind. It’s pretty busy most of the time, which makes sense when the food is that good.

Explosive flavors in a unique outdoor and relaxed island vibe setting, what more could you want?

7. Peleton Supershop – Canggu

Peleton Supershop is a bicycle-themed vegan cafe and cycle shop in Canggu. A super cute restaurant with an awesome atmosphere, a hip surfer vibe, and large portions will make this one of your go-tos in the area.

With many options to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to the menu. Much of the food here has a westernized twist, nachos, burgers, wraps, salad bowls, and pasta among other options including a tasty variety of desserts – notably the carrot cake muffin.

Food aside for a second, the staff go beyond anything else you’d usually encounter. Everyone is super smiley, and as soon as you enter, the guy at the front takes care of your helmets and bike. Then after your bill has been paid, he greets you again with your bike and helmets ready for when you come out.

8. Seeds Of Life (SOL) – Ubud

Offering clean, fresh and vibrant living raw foods flourishing with life, SOL is a raw food cafe and Taoist tonic bar located in central Ubud which also holds a space for Ashtanga yoga as well.

The menus for both the food and herbal tonic elixirs are unique and vast: a lot of thought has been put into the design of these creations. Ben, the owner of SOL, is a fascinating individual with a mountain of knowledge on his craft too.

The extraordinary raw food delicacies at SOL will give you an insight into the true meaning of soul food, food that nourishes, enlightens, enlivens and empowers the soul itself.

9. Cafe Vida – Canggu

There are so many cafe options in Canggu it can be overwhelming at times deciding where to go, but that all changes as soon as you step foot in Cafe Vida.

This eatery serves incredible food, juices, smoothies, coffee, and desserts. The place is absolutely gorgeous too, a renovated Balinese house with a garden oasis in the back. It’s a little slice of paradise in a busy area.

Cafe Vida offers a mouthwatering menu – and presentation of the food is far beyond expectations as well. Though its menu is not fully vegan, it is extremely health-focused and with comes many vegan-friendly dishes.

Both the tempeh and veggie burgers were one of the best plant-based burgers I’ve had to date. Don’t get me started on their polenta chips either…which were incredible.

10. Cassava – Canggu

This place is super chill and is not your typical restaurant or cafe, mainly because of its setting and wonderful poolside vibes. With its organic plant-based menu, yoga classes, and very chilled pool set up, Cassava is a must stay/visit, and the super friendly staff make you feel at home.

As for their food, it’s not the star of the show since this isn’t your typical cafe. Not all the options are vegan either but they do have several options that make it worthwhile – one, in particular, being the pad Thai which was extremely flavorsome.

Bring your laptop, a good vibe, and a slightly peckish belly and prepare to spend most of your day lounging by the pool, working on your while sipping a smoothie/juice or doing whatever your heart desires.

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