VIDEO: Plant Based News' Opinion On Rude Health Anti Vegan Drama

VIDEO: Plant Based News’ Opinion On Rude Health Anti Vegan Drama


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Plant Based News
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Some people called it ‘corporate suicide’ – some called it mean – and others used words we couldn’t possibly repeat here.

That’s right – we’re talking about Rude Health’s inexplicable attack on vegans, aka – their customers.

For anyone who hasn’t heard the story, the company – which is predominantly known for its plant-based milks – shared an Instagram post about how ‘perfect’ full fat dairy milk is.


Not quite so perfect if you’re the cow who’s going through hell so someone can splash your secretions in their tea though, right?

But then that is the vegan response. And it turns out… Rude Health does not like vegans.

An ill-advised blog post by co-founder Camilla Barnard launched what can only be described as a vitriolic and unprovoked attack on vegans.


In Ms. Barnard’s opinion, vegans are faddy, they are strange for cutting out food groups when not forced to through allergy. Bizarrely enough, she thinks the movie Okja is a propaganda documentary.

(Yeah, turns out Barnard’s knowledge is lacking when it comes to marketing, ethics, and film classification. I can help you out Barnard – Okja, with the graphic giant pig, is a fictional feature film, and not a documentary).

Many former Rude Health customers didn’t like being insulted – and as I type, the angry comments are still flooding onto the brand’s social media pages.

PBN’s Brian Hernandezgives his take on the whole thing here


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