Reading Time: 2 minutes Vegan because you want attention? Erm... no (Photo: Henri Meilhac)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

There’s something about veganism that makes people angry. At the risk of sounding smug – may I suggest guilt?

Maybe the underlying knowledge that mistreating and killing animals to satisfy your tastebuds is inexcusable, leads to shame?

In any case, whatever emotion it is, you often find it expressed as rage. 

Like they say, ‘hell hath no fury like an omnivore scorned’. Or something.

Here are some of the best reasons angry omnivores have suggested as reasons for veganism (funnily enough, none of them include animals, your health, or the planet).

1. Your parents didn’t love you, and so you spent too much time playing video games

Yes – this is an actual reason one vegan-hater left on an article about eating plant-based.

According to this armchair psychiatrist, too much time spent in the virtual world of computer games – on account of your parents not loving you – means vegans ‘don’t understand’ reality and that’s why they choose not to consume animal products.

If you don’t understand that reasoning… don’t worry.

We don’t either.

2. You just want the attention

Ah yes. This old favorite. Of course vegans build an entire lifestyle around their ethics just to get a few extra comments.

And for those who aren’t aware – much of the attention garnered by vegans is negative – as far as I’m concerned, you can keep it.

3. You hate people

Huge logic fail on this one.

Maybe some vegans do struggle with seeing some of the cruelty humans are capable of – but that isn’t why they are vegan. That makes no sense.

In actual fact, there are cases of people choosing a plant-based diet because of humanitarian reasons. 

We have all seen the stats showing that if everyone ate a plant-based diet, perhaps world hunger could be overcome.

In addition, some choose a vegan diet to try and abolish slaughterhouses, which are, of course, hellish for animals, and can also cause trauma issues for the humans who work there.

Did you go vegan because you ‘hate people’?
Did you go vegan because you ‘hate people’?

4. You just want to be difficult

Yep – more than one vegan has had this accusation lobbed at them. 

But really, think about it.

“You are vegan because you want to be difficult.” 

Whose life am I making slightly more tricky with this choice?

Oh yeah, that’s right – my own.

5. You can’t cook


This is true: people have accused vegans of choosing their lifestyle because of their inability to cook.

Just let that one sink in for a minute, and then think about the huge number of accomplished vegan chefs – and mainstream tradition cooks, who have started adding exciting and cutting edge plant-based meals to their repertoires.

It’s odd people would come up with reasons like this – but conveniently overlook the real reason behind ethical veganism – a desire to reduce the exploitation and abuse of animals as much as possible.


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