Raise Vegan: How to Bring Up A Plant-Based Family And Mainstream The Lifestyle


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An increasing number of parents are raising their children as vegan (Photo: Thiago Cerqueira) - Media Credit:

Emily L Wood, along with her partner Janet Kearney, launched Raise Vegan Inc., a company dedicated to providing resources to parents who are looking to learn more about a vegan lifestyle, and give support along the way. 

It is founded on the community group Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting that Kearney dedicatedly built up for years, giving parents a safe place to discuss vegan family life. 

A true luxury for the new generation of parents, social media has made a huge impact on parenting choices across the board, and with a group of more than 40,000 vegan parents there has been support like never seen before.


Wood and Kearney began their work together in 2017, strategizing on how to continue growing and expanding the amount of resources for parents looking to raise their children on a plant based diet and launched Raise Vegan Magazine in December. 

Emily L Wood, CEO of Raise Vegan Inc. and Creative Director of Raise Vegan Magazine, shared with us at Plant Based News insights into their company growth and development.


“We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we have revamped our website, tailored to give parents the most current information they need, from news about the plant based food industry to nutritional information from our team of dietitians,” she said.

On the website you can easily find information about vegan pregnancy, parenting resources, kid-friendly recipes, and current vegan news aimed towards families. 

Another useful feature is their page that has free downloadable resources for people making the transition to a vegan lifestyle, with guides, books, and meal plans. 

This is definitely the hub for parents looking to make healthier, more environmentally responsible, and compassionate choices for their family.

Team woman

An interesting aspect of Raise Vegan, is the dedicated team of vegan women who are working together to make the world a better place. “It’s beyond incredible to be able to highlight and work with such a talented team, I think that’s something that I love the most about our company,” says Wood.

“In a world where ‘women after children’ can be labelled as less relevant in the workforce, we work with mothers that are true inspirations in their fields. It’s an honor to work with them to develop their skills and showcase these passionate women. 

“We may all have little ones running around demanding every moment of our attention, but while working as a team it’s been a pleasure forging ahead and creating the resources that this world greatly needs.”


Wood shared more about her own personal development that Raise Vegan has been able to bring to her life. “Growing up, my childhood goal was to be an artist. I come from a family of artists, so as a young woman I figured that was my path as well. 

“Life isn’t always so simple, and while I did pursue the arts academically, when I hit the workforce I went into business management. I think the marriage of these skills is what drives me with Raise Vegan.” 

The magazine’s design is something that has garnered a lot of attention on social media, and bloggers have complimented the styling choices greatly. According to this review from It’s My Circus: “From the offset this is a very appealing magazine to read, I love the colour schemes that run throughout all 64 (yes sixty four!) pages and the boxed images with are consistently placed make it easy to focus and follow. The fonts used in the subtitles and overlaying the images are both quirky yet readable which is a tough combination to achieve.”


Another blog, 101Mom breaks down the magazine as well, and what’s most interesting to see is the positive feedback from non-vegan parents. The parenting community has been shockingly receptive to the vegan parenting magazine, the blogger writes: “Whether you are vegan, going vegan or just a family looking to be more positive and healthy, Raise Vegan is a powerful tool with inspiration, and information for families at all stages of life.” calling this publication, ‘the vegan millennial version of the Parents Magazine‘.


This woman led company is revolutionizing society’s perspective on vegans as parents. For years, there have been so many news stories that have given the mainstream world the idea that children cannot safely grow on a vegan diet. 

“This stigma around the nutrition that children get from a vegan diet is exactly what we’re trying to overcome. By giving parents the resources they need through the website and now the magazine, we’re making sure that the world knows that it is 100 percent safe and actually healthy to not consume animal products in the developmental stages. 

“When my business partner Janet first started the Facebook group, parents were really stumbling around in the dark looking for information online. Seeing the complete boom in openly vegan parents on social media, and being able to support them when they need information has made all the hard work worthwhile.”

The future

What’s next for Raise Vegan? “We’re constantly looking at opportunities to grow, the more support we can provide, the better it’ll be for our fellow parents and our children. 

“We hope to continue doing advocacy and work towards making it easier on kids, particularly when they’re in school and give them the tools they need to feel confident with their family lifestyle. 

“At the end of the day, we’ve just begun the steps towards mainstreaming veganism – our children are the ones who will be able to forge ahead and make the biggest impact on the world.”

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