OPINION: Vegans Should Stop Insulting Meat-Eaters – That Won’t Change The World


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I don’t believe that calling non-vegans names like ‘carnists’, ‘meat-heads’ and murderers and other pejorative terms is effective.

In doing so, you are shutting down the conversation and rather arrogantly assuming it is impossible for them to change. You are effectively writing them off.

I have met and spoken to countless people who have gone from butchers and slaughterhouse workers to full-time vegan advocates, which shows that even the most die-hard meat lover, or animal killer is capable of changing and turning around and seeing things like you do.

The power of words

The words we use to speak to others hold immense power; they can shape other peoples’ lives in ways many of us fail to consider.

Humans have the potential for much compassion. We must use this compassion to change the minds and hearts of others. Compassion is a powerful tool in our advocacy toolkit.

If you can put your ego and emotions aside for a second, and think about what is strategic, this can help you get people to listen to you.

Angry at the world

No one is going to listen to you if you are calling them names and telling them that they are murderers. You can try it all you like. You could be doing it for 30 years, 40 years or 50 years.

Most people will not listen to you, and you will become angry, frustrated and misanthropic with your activism and at the world. I was recently blocked from a conversation because I said that people who behave like this are part of the problem, not the solution.

Effecting change

I don’t care if you have been in animal rights for one year or 50 years – if you go around calling people murderers and rapists there is no way on this green earth you will ever get them to change.

Because that is the goal isn’t it? To get people to change.

Or is it just an opportunity for you to scream at other people, call them names so you can feel better about yourself as a human being.

Growth of vegan movement

This movement is growing because of forms of activism that are non-violent, not aggressive and lead people compassionately.

This movement is growing because technology now allows us to spread the truth and shatter the lies the animal agriculture industry has kept from us for so long.

Slaughterhouses exist because there are millions of consumers out there buying the meat they produce. Shift the minds of millions of consumers the slaughterhouses vanish – one by one.

Your focus and your attention should be on the consumer. More vegans = less animal agriculture. It is a simple equation.

Too much anger?

Projecting your anger, hatred, and vitriol at people who work in slaughterhouses is a wasted emotion.

Instead of bickering about if vegans should be sitting down with slaughterhouses workers for a vegan meal, how about you get out there and advocate for the lifestyle in your local town or city or online.

Education is how we will shift the status quo and change what is now considered normal to what will be considered unnecessary.

A huge 99 percent of the world is not vegan. If you want more people to come to our side of the conversation, it’s time to help people see that it is a kinder, healthier, and more environmentally beneficial way to live.

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