More Vegan Cakes To Launch In UK: The Inside Scoop

More Vegan Cakes To Launch In UK: The Inside Scoop


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A vegan Victoria sponge is on its way to UK supermarkets (Photo: Adobe. Do not use without permission) - Media Credit:
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This week I have some gossip from the vegan cake world that I would like to share with you in the way of past, present and future launches.

I am a massive cake lover, it’s my weakness, my kryptonite. My belly wants the shops to be full of vegan cakes, but my head is looking down at my protruding belly and disagreeing. 

I wish I had restraint, but like you, the novelty of seeing a vegan cake in the supermarket is still too much for me.


I interviewed BOSH! – aka Henry Firth and Ian Theasby – recently on our Instagram Live and was interested to quiz them on their new line of cakes and other launches they had planned.

BOSH! has officially made it into the supermarkets – I mean, the guys have collaborated before (with the incredible Sheese & Onion Kettle Chips), but this is the first specific BOSH!-only line.

The main bit of information I got from the BOSH! boys was that the chocolate and lemon cakes are just the start, there are more light, fluffy and moist sponges on the way.

Bake To The Future

Henry and Ian confirmed that carrot cake and Victoria sponge will be amongst the line-up. 

In fact, it sounded like many new cake flavors are on the horizon and that they will be available at more supermarkets, including Asda.

I would like to add that there may be a need for carrot cake and such like, but please can someone do a vegan Bakewell tart? If this happens, 2020 can officially remove itself from the bin from where it has been thrown.

A slice of the action

If you have been vegan for a couple of years already, then you will probably remember Just Love Food Co launching its chocolate free-from celebration cake? This cake is still around at most supermarkets and is still wonderful costing £6.

Just Love Food Co. is in fact launching two more vegan cakes this year. The first will be a vanilla tray bake at the end of summer and then something of the chocolate orange variety closer to Christmas – you heard it here first…

A company called Oggs followed soon after with a range that now includes lemon cakes, mini victoria sponges, chocolate celebration cakes, as well as mini vanilla and chocolate fudge cupcakes. Oggs has also just launched the first aquafaba egg replacer product at Sainsbury’s. 

Aquafaba is literally the water in a tin of chickpeas, one of the best baking discoveries of the 21st century.

Exceedingly good cakes

Back to present day, Co-op and Morrisons now have their own ranges of vegan cupcakes, which are really good. It goes to say that in my opinion, so far, I haven’t tried one plant-based sponge cake at the supermarkets that has compromised flavor or texture.

BOSH! has actually doubled up on vegan cake flavours that already exist at the supermarket but their price-point is way better at £3.50. They said that they started with lemon and chocolate because their family all voted and wanted them the moist, I mean most.

We taste-tested the new Luscious Lemon Cake with Bosh! watching – no pressure – and it was really good: zingy lemon flavours; moist, but not too heavy sponge; and sweet but not too sweet. I even said that my Gran wouldnt be able to tell that it was vegan.

So the future of the vegan British afternoon tea is looking bright! We even heard a rumour that Mr. Kipling is working hard on a line of exceedingly good vegan cakes, which we know will be one of the most exciting things to happen in the vegan food world, ever.

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