Reading Time: < 1 minute Venus suggested he is confused by scientific papers (Photo: Instagram/Jon Venus)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Bodybuilder Jon Venus recently revealed he has ditched veganism, sharing the news in a YouTube video titled I am no longer vegan.

Since then, he has made some strange public claims – he compared veganism to a cult, revealed that he finds scientific papers too confusing to draw data from, and discussed his love of shooting and his plans to become a hunter.

In a recent interview with Primal Edge Health, Venus mocked the animals he’s looking forward to killing. When asked by the host what the animals would think of his plans, Venus joked: “I tried asking them but they didn’t reply.”

8 things he got wrong

In this exclusive Plant Based News video, PBN founder Klaus Mitchell shares at some of these claims Venus has made – and debunks them.

Among them are Venus saying plant-based doctors like Dr. Greger are arrogant, and him accusing organizations like the American Dietetic Association (now called the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) of peddling pro-vegan lies to the public.

In the video, Mitchell says: “You’ve probably heard the news recently that Jon Venus has quit veganism…I found some of his claims rather interesting. We’re going to look into them one by one. I hope you enjoy.”

You can watch the full video here

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