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We’ve all been there: someone says something cutting, and we think of the perfect retort – about 10 minutes too late.

This is so common, the French even have a name for it, l’esprit de l’escalier. This roughly translates to ‘the spirit of the stairs’, and means you think of a reply after the event.

It’s safe to say vegan activist James Aspey is a bit quicker off the mark than most of us.

PBN interviews James Aspey


Aspey was responding to a YouTube comment when he came up with the perfect burn.

User Unlockthepower said: “Free your mind from the vegan cult.”

Aspey simply (and elegantly) responded: “Bro, we eat plants and are healthier for it.

“You eat the flesh and secretions of tortured, murdered animals.

“Which one of us sounds like we’re in a cult?”

PBN interviews James Aspey


Posting about the run-in on Facebook, Aspey was overwhelmed with support.

Commenting on the public post, Justin Williams said: “Any time a belief system strays from what is socially acceptable, it’s automatically deemed a cult.”

Marelies McCann added: “Wow how dumb!!? People are brainwashed to dislike vegans, AND FOR NO REASON… because we like to be healthy and love animals!!? [sic].”


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