Reading Time: < 1 minute Ferrari seemed to mock the caller Dee (Photo: LBC)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A vegan caller hung up on LBC radio host Nick Ferrari after an infuriating row about eating animals.

Ferrari, who has struggled with his health in the past, made several erroneous statements about how healthy eating meat is.

Caller Dee from Ipswich was left furious after the media personality refused to accept her arguments about the health and ethical arguments around slaughtering animals.


According to Ferrari, farmed animals (he was speaking specifically about ostriches) ‘spend a lovely few years running around a field before ending up on your plate’.

He also said: “This ostrich wouldn’t even be there if they weren’t being farmed.”

Taking the p***

Dee accused Ferrari of ‘taking the pee’, and said: “It’s all so backwards – so ignorant and uneducated.

“It’s unsustainable. How many tonnes of grain and water are needed to feed a cow so that one westerner can eat a steak?

“Please, get an education love.”

“Other people than westerners eat steak, honey,” was the host’s comeback, at which point, the caller hung up in exasperation.

You can hear the whole call here


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