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Furious television fans have expressed outrage towards the Great British Bake Offs vegan week.

The popular cookery show will be airing its first-ever all-vegan episode on October 9 – and some people are incredibly angry about it.

A baying mob took to Twitter to express disgust over the lack of animal secretions in the upcoming show, with some threatening to boycott the show ‘on principle’ and others saying they wanted to ‘murder a carrot’.

‘Vegans don’t deserve cake’

“Pfft! If you wanna be a bl**dy vegan then you don’t deserve cake,” said one.

One said he was so frightened of vegan week, he couldn’t bear to watch any of it: “I didn’t watch the entire series in case vegan week snuck up on me.”

“Vegan week on #GBBO can go f*ck itself,” another added.

‘Calm down’

Not everyone was so worried about the lack of eggs and butter.

“People are so offended about the #GBBO vegan week,” wrote one Twitter user. “F*cking grow up lads. Also, I bet none of you have ever been to a vegan bakery and tasted their cakes. Vegan does not equal salad and lentils.”

“Dear people who are horrified by the thought of vegan #GBBO ….just remember that there are also people out there with dairy and egg intolerances and allergies, who will also love this,” another said.