Beyond Burger Versus Impossible Burger: The Verdict


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Plant-based burgers have been upping their game massively this year.

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are quickly taking over with their flagship burgers that taste, feel, and look like animal meat – but are made from plants.

The bloggers behind Plant Based on a Budget and World of Vegan taste-tested the plant-meat patties for PBN.

And although Toni Okamoto and Michelle Cehn thought they were both delicious and very realistic – one did better than the other.

Beyond Burger

Upon taking the first bite, Cehn claimed the Beyond Burger patty tastes more like a veggie burger – though Okamoto disagreed.

Okamoto said: “It has this charred taste that makes me feel like it’s meat from a grill.”

Cehn described the burger: “It’s crispy on the outside, and still pink on the inside – it’s just kind of crazy.”

Impossible Burger

Okamoto was the first to bring up that the Impossible patty was really good, albeit salty.

Cehn added: “This tastes like meat… That’s crazy.”

“We also were preparing this on a pan and frying them up – and they looked so much like authentic meat, it’s just crazy,” the World of Vegan blogger and YouTuber admitted.


Okamoto gives the verdict: “As someone who very much cares about price and accessibility, I have to say Beyond Burger.”

Cehn agrees, saying: “Beyond Burger is the winner.

“It’s trippy how meat-like veggie burgers are getting,” she said.

“There’s just no reason anymore to turn to meat when you can have something that tastes exactly like it; it’s cholesterol-free, it’s better for the environment, better for the planet, better for the animals.

“I challenge you guys. If you can access either of these burgers, I hope you pick it up and give it a try; serve them to some of your omnivorous friends.”

You can watch the full videohere


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