Animals Don’t Just Die In January: Take Your Vegan Habits Beyond Veganuary


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Why should you stay vegan?

Eight billion, thirty-five million, two hundred thousand land animals were killed last month. Which means, if you participated in Veganuary, then you boycotted the murder of 150 million sentient beings every day. We all have the power to make a huge difference. And for the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide that tried the plant-based diet, Veganuary has shown them that making a positive difference by being vegan, is simple. It has shown them that being vegan is achievable, affordable and easy. However, veganism shouldn’t be just for one month of the year, because animals don’t just die in January.

Christmas Day last year, myself and a few other activists visited a pig farm to bear witness to the hundreds of pigs imprisoned there on, supposedly, the best day of the year. So, while the majority of society tucked into rotting flesh, we witnessed their suffering. Every time anyone moved, the pigs would run to the corner, terrified of what would happen to them. They screamed in fear and pain. This is what humans do to them. We must stop treating animals like commodities and, instead, like the sentient beings they are. Animals do not want to die. They are innocent and deserve freedom just like humans. So, if you tried plant-based this month, then why shouldn’t you continue your vegan journey? And if you didn’t, why not do so now? It is never too late to change. What excuse do you have when you can access the knowledge and the support? Because there is no way to justify the abuse and murder of innocent beings who don’t want to die.

How can you stay vegan?

2019 has been called ‘The Year Of The Vegan’ because this year, the world is expecting so much change in favor of animal liberation. Becoming vegan gives you a chance to explore new things and see the world through different eyes.

This January, many vegan brands and plant-based options were launched in all sorts of places, which means there are even fewer excuses for you not to be vegan. Finding places local to you using the Happy Cow website or the app has never been easier, Heartcure is perfect for ethical, vegan clothes and subscribing to Plant Based News is the best way to keep up on all the latest news. Everything you need and want is available – you just have to open your eyes and look!

Is veganism a trend?

We should always remember that veganism is not just about food. What we wear, where we go, and what we use also impacts the environment and, of course, the animals. Being vegan also means that you don’t support animal circuses, zoos or wear leather, wool or any other thing that comes from an animal.

Veganism is becoming more mainstream than ever with celebrities and other public figures are ‘going vegan’. But that is not what veganism is about. Veganism is simply the truth that has been hidden from the public and the justice the animals have been denied. Veganism is the respect we need to show each other and ourselves if we wish to create a more just and caring society. Compassion is not a trend.

Music, marches, food, poetry, speeches, protests: here is to a positive rest of 2019, to more exciting things to come and even more vegans!

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