8 Men Who Really Need To Watch ‘The Game Changers’


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Donald Trump, Philip Schofield, and Piers Morgan could learn a lot from the movie (Photos: Gage Skidmore/ The home of Fixers on Flickr/Cow pr) - Media Credit:

Recently released documentary The Game Changers has shaped the nutritional conversation in recent times.

The film, which ‘documents the explosive rise of plant-based eating in professional sports’, is directed by Oscar-winner Louie Psihoyos and executive produced by Oscar-winner James Cameron. Mixed martial artists James Wilks stars and produces.

It has made a huge impact since its launch earlier this year – inspiring numerous people to try a plant-based diet, boosting Google searches for related terms, and increasing business for vegan food businesses.

Meat and masculinity

While the movie appeals to people of all genders, traditionally men have been have been less open to trying a plant-based diet. In showing the major achievements of athletes who eat only plants, The Game Changers has started to break down some of the myths around meat and masculinity.

But that myth still persists in some quarters – with some men refusing to loosen their iron grip on animal food.

This Plant Based News video looks at some outspoken meat-loving men who could benefit most from watching the film.

1. Piers Morgan

Famously anti-vegan, Morgan is well-known for his rants against plant-based diets.

From pretending to throw up in a bin after sampling Greggs’ meat-free sausage roll, to furiously decrying Marks & Spencer’s decision to ditch gelatine from some of its sweets, Morgan seems like a man who could benefit from embracing plants.

2. Rick Wiles

The American TV host holds some very strong – and very uncommon – views about plant-based meat. Insofar as he believes it is the work of the devil…(yes, really).

Someone needs to show Wiles that meat-free food really isn’t all that terrifying – and we nominate The Game Changers.

3. Sam Kekovic

Australian media personality and sports commentator Sam Kekovic peddles meat so enthusiastically, he’s known as the ‘Lambassador’.

The larger-than-life character, who has branded vegans a ‘devious, treacherous group’, could learn a lot if he opened his mind and watched the movie.

4. Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump was offered a $1 million donation to veterans if he ditched meat and dairy products for January, by advocacy organization Million Dollar Vegan.

He didn’t commit to the pledge, but we can only there would have been a different outcome if he’d watched The Game Changers.

5. Shawn Baker

Shawn Bakers eats an exclusively meat-based diet. And he is extremely opinionated when it comes to the diets of others – when those diets are plant-based.

Known for his online rants, Baker has called on his followers to be ‘active and aggressive’ in fighting the rise of veganism, warning them ‘the time for passivity is over’.

6. Ido Portal

Movement trainer Ido Portal has previously said he ‘can’t view [a plant-based diet] as something healthy’. He added that he’s never seen a vegan who presented the same physique or energy levels as those in meat-heavy diets (seriously….has he been living under a rock???).

He certain could view it as healthy if he just watched the movie – and took in all the cold, hard data it presents.

7. Jesse Watters

Fox TV host Jesse Watters showed off his love for red meat during a 2018 segment, where he ate steak while interviewing a vegan about how meat promotes toxic masculinity – and some might say, illustrating her point perfectly.

8. Philip Schofield

Brit TV host Schofield recently hosted James Wilks on TV breakfast show This Morning.

Schofield seemed particularly interested in a scene in the movie which illustrates how plants can improve erections. Maybe he would find the rest of the film just as fascinating?

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