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As a highly effective medium of spreading the vegan ideology, documentaries can bring the movement to a wider audience – and they have the ability to change the lives of thousands.

Following the success of acclaimed – and controversial – What The Health, films that advocate for a vegan lifestyle continue to gain traction among viewers.

We’ve rounded-up five new or upcoming documentaries that will have a profound impact on people.


Presenting itself as the Australian version of Earthlings, Dominion exposes the brutal reality of factory farming across the Australian continent.

The feature-length documentary was directed by Chris Delforce – known for making Lucent – from organization Aussie Farms.

“By exploring six primary facets of our interaction with animals – Pets, Wildlife, Scientific Research, Entertainment, Clothing and Food – the film will question the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom,” said a spokesperson for Aussie Farms.

The footage featured in the film contains ‘the most recent, highest-quality footage from across the country’.

The Game Changers

Coming from award-winning director and vegan environmentalist James Cameron – who will produce – the feature highlights a range of plant-based athletes, soldiers, and cultural icons, who thrive on a vegan diet.

The filmmakers are hoping to ‘dispel the myth that you need protein from animals to become a real man’.

“The world’s strongest guy is a vegan,” said director Louis Psihoyos. 

“The world’s fastest guy, Carl Lewis, was the first to break 10 seconds, and he did it when he was a vegan.” 

The Game Changers is scheduled to be released later in 2017.

Eating Animals

Narrated and produced by vegan actor Natalie Portman, Eating Animals is based on a book of the same title by Jonathan Foer – and has been well-received by critics.

The film aims to educate its viewers on the horrors of animal agriculture by going undercover at factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Eating Animals’ director Christopher Quinn stated: “It was a real eye-opener to actually see what farming was, which was people wanting to run from you, not wanting you to see the system that was in place, including these vertically integrated structures. 

He added: “They know deep in their core it is not right, but I actually think there is a lot of hope in that, the fact that they still know a guy with a camera shouldn’t be coming around here because it is wrong.”

The documentary made its world premiere last weekend at the Telluride Film Festival, where it received a standing ovation.

Meat the Future

While not technically a vegan film, this documentary will probably be of some interest to many vegans, vegetarians, and reducetarians.

It follows Memphis Meats’ CEO and co-founder Dr. Uma Valeti – often considered a key name in the ‘clean’ (i.e. lab) meat movement.

Set to be released in 2019, Meat the Future is ‘not another doomsday survey that leaves audiences feeling overwhelmed with information overload’, according to director Liz Marshall.

She adds: “This is a documentary that grapples with significant global challenges, while looking to what is possible.”



Promises is a new short film by We Animals – a project which documents animals in the human environment through photography.

The short was directed and produced by Jan Sorgenfrei, who goes on an investigation into the industrial farming of chickens.

It also showcases the burden that all investigators must carry with them: leaving the animals behind.


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