POWERFUL: 5 Amazingly Uplifting Stories From Positive News

POWERFUL: 5 Amazingly Uplifting Stories From Positive News


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“Each one of us has the power to make change through our positive actions.

“Every choice we make has a consequence, and through those choices we can make positive change,” this was the inspiration behind this video by PBN Co-founder Robbie Lockie – who is also a co-owner of Positive News.


Because of the hugely beneficial impact of positive thinking we have compiled a list of the top 5 uplifting stories from Positive News.

We hope you enjoy them!

1. This is no ‘Me Me Me Generation’, the confidence of today’s young people could help shape a more positive future

Challenging the narrative around today’s youth as a smartphone-obsessed, insecure generation, Bexy Cameron argues that, in fact, they foster the type of innovation, balance and progressiveness to shape a brighter future.

2. How to feed ourselves in a time of climate crisis

From saving seeds to curbing food waste Raj Patel and Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz present 13 ideas for a fair and sustainable food system.

3. It’s not time to go back to nature, but to go forwards to nature

Without knowing what a more fulfilling relationship with the natural world could look like, we won’t be able to reach it, writes Richard Louv. 

It’s time for a new, positive ecological vision.

4. Nature connection: can technology help?

The team behind a new app hope to help Londoners enjoy nature in the city. Is using technology to encourage nature connection contradictory? 

Or can we ‘tap in’ to the natural world – and improve health and wellbeing at the same time?

5. Why we need to start listening to insects

You may not think of the buzz and whine of insects as musical, but the distinctive pitch of mosquito wingbeats could tell us how to fight malaria. 

Daniel A Gross meets the researchers who are pricking up their ears.

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