10 Amazing Reasons Men Should Try Veganism

10 Amazing Reasons Men Should Try Veganism


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Most vegans identify as women - it's time for others to get on board too (Photo: Nicholas Green) - Media Credit:
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We’ve all seen the data: the majority of vegans in Great Britain identify as women.

Many people have questioned why this is. In my opinion, I believe many men see veganism as an unattractive lifestyle choice, for numerous reasons.

What they are overlooking, are the powerful health, social, and ethical benefits that a plant-based diet and a vegan mindset can offer. Here are 10 that I think are important:

1. Health

There are many studies which suggest a plant-based diet opens the door to a myriad of health benefits. 

In addition, there’s lots of anecdotal evidence that people fare well eating plants – look at musician Will. I. Am, who lost excess weight and solved a clutch of other health issues on a plant-based diet. Or top footballer Hector Bellerin, who believes ditching animal products helps his recovery.

Some of the most notable studies when it comes to men and health, include these, which show a decrease in risk of prostate cancer, heart disease and diabetes – not to mention, a possible reduction in the risk of some cancers

2. Fitness

The plant-based diet has been getting a lot of attention in the fitness world lately. 

Many pro-athletes such as Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Aguero, Lionel Messi, MMA fighter Nate Diaz and most recently Chris Smalling of Manchester United have all come out in praise for their plant-based diet. 

They have reported quicker recovery time, more energy and better performance.

3. Mood

Some doctors believe the effects of a plant-based diet can go beyond the physical – and have a positive impact on your mood and psychological well-being too.

According to this video by top plant-based physician Dr. Greger, there are studies which show that people eating a varied whole foods plant-based diet saw a decrease in anxiety and depression.

A significant number of professional athletes are adopting plant-based diets.

4. Relationships with women

Heterosexual men may be interested to learn that vegan women outweigh vegan men 2:1 – and many people prefer to engage in relationships with partners who share their views and values.

I believe going against society’s norm requires some independent thought, and so vegans are often open-minded people who think outside the box. In my opinion, that makes other vegans brilliant friends or partners.

5. Nutritional Literacy 

In my experience, adopting a plant-based diet has gone hand-in-hand with focusing on the nutritional requirements I need to thrive. 

This means there is great potential to expand your knowledge of food nutrition, understanding what you need to achieve a healthy, optimally functional body. You have the knowledge to tailor make what you eat fit your body’s requirements. 

6. Kindness

Making the transition instils kindness – after all, at its core, veganism is about not using or exploiting sentient beings (including our fellow humans!)

You are being kind by not supporting industries that harm animals and it feels great. 

There are even studies which suggest kindness makes us happy

7. Empathy

Once people learn the truth behind the food industry they are usually overcome with a sense of empathy. 

The power of empathy should not be underestimated. 

It is a powerful tool which can transform your relationships, everyday communication and actions in life, significantly for the better. 

8. Better erections

A recent article by media outlet Insider examined popular claims that a vegan diet can improve your sex life. According to registered dietitian Bonnie Taub-Dix, eating more fruits and vegetables can definitely improve your circulation – which in turn can have a positive impact on circulation.

She added: “If someone is eating a healthier diet undefined, it’s less likely that they’ll need to take meds that could interfere with their sex drive and function.”

9. Compassion

Empathy opens the door to compassion. 

In traditional, outdated gender stereotypes, compassion is seen as ‘weak’, or somehow not ‘manly’. This could not be further from the truth. 

Some Buddhist teachers believe compassion is the ultimate form of power and that those who do not realise compassion, limit their true potential in life. 

10. Longer Life

Combine all the above together and you are looking at a long life of being healthy, active, kind, happy and most importantly connected. 

Not just connected with other life and your environment, but yourself too. 

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