Reading Time: 2 minutes The controversial star poses with a large piece of animal flesh (Photo: Instagram)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

YouTuber Logan Paul is no longer vegan according to a number of social media posts which show him eating and posing with dead animals.

The controversial celebrity – who has 18 million subscribers on YouTube – said he had gone vegan in February. The announcement followed a rocky time for Paul, who made mainstream media headlines at the beginning of 2018, after posting a vlog showing the dead body of a suicide victim. Despite facing calls for his removal from YouTube, his channel remained and has since grown.

After taking a short break in January, Paul posted the two vlogs speaking about his decision to ditch animal products, saying: “I think it’s time I tell you some important information as well, I have news, guys, I’m going vegan.”

That Vegan Couple

Several months later, Paul was spotted at LA VegFest by YouTubers That Vegan Couple, who interviewed him for their channel.

During the interview, Paul said: “I’m vegan. I’ve been vegan for three months. I was eating at a vegan restaurant and was given this card to come to VegFest. It thought it sounded cool, I get here, and it is cool.

“My [vegan] experience has been good. It’s been great – much easier than I thought too – maybe because I live in LA. I’m doing it bro, vegan for life.”


Despite his promise to be ‘vegan for life’, Paul’s social media channels suggest he has given up on veganism. An Instagram image posted over the weekend shows him posing with a leg of ham. In addition, a corresponding Instagram story shows Paul apologizing to vegans, saying ‘I’ll be back’.

He has garnered significant criticism from online commentators, who accused the YouTuber of being hypocritical, posting this image just weeks after sharing a picture of his adopted pig.

“This is sick and not funny at all. Wasn’t he just at VegFest a few months ago promoting veganism? Now he’s here mocking a pig. Hypocrisy to the fullest,” said one social media user.

Eating salmon

A YouTube video posted earlier shows the star eating salmon in preparation for a celebrity boxing match with fellow YouTuber KSI.

As Paul talks about the upcoming bout, he tucks into a meal which he waves around, saying: “This salmon is delicious.”

This confused some of his users, with one writing: “Wait I thought he was vegan why is he eating salmon did I miss something??”

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