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Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul has confirmed he is vegan, after being spotted at LA VegFest.

The content creator appeared in a video by That Vegan Couple (Natasha and Luca), who asked him about his experiences with the lifestyle so far.

Paul, who has faced a rocky year so far, after releasing a controversial video showing a dead body, as well as other clips showing him tasering dead rats, confirmed that he is ‘vegan for life’. He opened up about when he will share the benefits of veganism with his 17 million subscribers.


In the video, after being asked why he’s at the event, Paul says: “I’m vegan. I’ve been vegan for three months.

“I was eating at a vegan restaurant and was given this card to come to VegFest.

“It thought it sounded cool, I get here, and it is cool.”

The star said he will ‘definitely’ engage in animal activism

‘Still vegan’

The prolific YouTuber made a video some months ago announcing his transition to veganism – but many thought he was trolling.

Paul says: “I’m still vegan, dude. My experience has been good. It’s been great – much easier than I thought too – maybe because I live in LA.

“I’m doing it bro, vegan for life.”


That Vegan Couple tell Paul that if he passes the positive message about how veganism can help the animals, planet, and human health onto his followers, they will ‘jump on board’.

He replies: “Truth…that’s always the goal, so I’m sure that down the line, very soon, I will be like ‘I went vegan…and I’m still vegan’.

When asked if he was prepared to attend an animal Save vigil – where activists bear witness to animals on their way to slaughter, he says: “I might…I have to be mentally prepared though. I definitely need to experience it.”

You canwatch the full interview on YouTube here

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