Reading Time: < 1 minute The pizza giant does not offer a vegan-friendly cheese option - yet (Photo: Instagram)
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YouTuber Hannah Shaw – better known to some as the Kitten Lady – is urging pizza giant Little Caesars to add vegan cheese to its menu.

Shaw, who has more than half a million subscribers, has been featured on Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell and in publications like People Magazine and Cosmopolitan as a result of her cat rescue and animal outreach. She has teamed up with animal protection agency Compassion Over Killing (CoK) to promote its petition calling on the chain to cater to vegans.

CoK claims ‘there’s never been a better time for Little Caesars to get in the game’ – citing the chains which recently added plant-based cheese to their menus, including Domino’s in Australia and New Zealand and Pizza Hut UK among others.

Vegan victory

According to CoK: “A staunch animal advocate, Hannah is also a 15-year vegan who empathizes with the plight of mother and baby cows who are ripped apart by the dairy industry so that humans can drink the milk produced by the mother cows for their calves.

“Each year, over a half million cows languish on dairy farms, forcibly impregnated and separated from their babies – who will ultimately be turned into veal or be used as milk machines themselves – for Little Caesars’ cheese supplier Leprino Foods.”

Shaw herself adds: “Animal lovers are pizza lovers too – especially me! Having a plant-based pizza on the menu at Little Caesars will be a victory for our health, for the earth, and for the animals.”

You can find out more about the petition here

Maria Chiorando

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