YouTuber Blasts 'The Game Changers' Saying 'Vegans Are Tools For The Destruction Of Society'
YouTuber Frank Tufano criticized the film - Media Credit:

YouTuber Blasts ‘The Game Changers’ Saying ‘Vegans Are Tools For The Destruction Of Society’


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Anti-vegan YouTuber Frank Tufano has made a video blasting documentary The Game Changers.

The film, which is directed by Oscar-winner Louie Psihoyos and executive produced by Oscar-winner James Cameron, ‘documents the explosive rise of plant-based eating in professional sports’.

Tufano watched the trailer of the film, and critiqued some elements of it, saying many of the athletes who appear in the movie are ‘not performing at the highest level and are looking for a quick paycheck’. He also talked his beliefs around the environment and the health implications of a plant-based diet.

Tufano is not a fan of the film’s premise

‘Vegan new world order’

Tufano sees the film as part of a wave of the media pushing a plant-based narrative, announcing that ‘the vegan new world order is already here’, describing The Game Changers as ‘lies built on lies’.

“There aren’t any steak commercials on TV, and there haven’t been for years,” Tufano says in the video, in response to the film’s claim that adverts for meat products promote an idea of meat and masculinity.

“No one is saying ‘real men eat meat’,” he says. “They are creating a false narrative, a straw man argument. The media and news are full of pro-grain, processed food, plant-based bullshit.”

‘Injected with soy-based slop’

He adds: “I never expected the vegan diet to be pushed so quickly and so strongly in the media. I was only speculating that the veganism is a side agenda and that the standard American diet that we are all suffering on…Reducing meat from our diets will make us unhealthier, give us a lower IQ, easier to control, influencing people to stop driving, use mass transit, removing people’s independence.

“They want us living in boxes, getting blasted with EMF radiation, and injected with soy-based slop. This needs to be fought against now and any vegan denying this agenda, needs to be put in their place.

“They are literally tools for the destruction of our society.”

The documentary will premiere later this year

The Game Changers

The premiere of The Game Changers has been long-awaited by many. The production team recently revealed the launch date, as well as announcing that Jackie Chan, tennis icon Novak Djokovic, and F1 champion Lewis Hamilton have joined the team as executive producers. The movie will be shown at more than 1,000 theaters around the world on September 16.

The Game Changers is a new film executive produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan that documents the explosive rise of plant-based eating in professional sports, mixing real-time, groundbreaking science with cinematic stories of struggle and triumph,” says the film’s description.

“The film features some of the strongest, fastest and toughest athletes on the planet – and it’s backed by them too – with additional EPs including Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton, top-ranked tennis player Novak Djokovic, and nine-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul.

“Directed by Oscar®-winner Louie Psihoyos, follows the story of James Wilks – elite Special Forces trainer and winner of The Game Changers The Ultimate Fighter – as he travels the world on a quest for the truth about meat, protein, and strength. Showcasing elite athletes, special ops soldiers, and visionary scientists. Wilks’ journey exposes outdated myths about food that not only affect human performance, but the health of the entire global population.”

You can find theaters and buy tickets here

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