YouTube Star Logan Paul Says He’s Gone Vegan


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The star pulls faux bacon out of a grocery bag (Photo: Logan Paul) - Media Credit:

YouTube star Logan Paul has announced in a vlog that he is vegan.

The disgraced entertainer – who has 16 million subscribers on YouTube – made mainstream headlines when he showed the dead body of a suicide victim in a vlog earlier this year.

He courted further controversy when he tasered a dead rat, and performed ‘CPR’ on a dying fish – stunts which attracted the ire of animal rights charity PETA as well as many viewers.

‘Feel better’

In a recent vlog, Paul said he wanted to go vegan, saying: “I think it’s time I tell you some important information as well, I have news, guys, I’m going vegan.”

He added that many people who go vegan say they ‘feel better’.

Immediately after the announcement, the YouTuber’s father playfully teased his son – acting as if he was disappointed by the news.

‘It’s official’

Although many accused Paul of lying about going vegan, in a vlog the following day, he talked more about the move.

He said: “I’ve gone vegan – it’s official guys.”

Paul went onto list the foods he didn’t eat anymore, including milk and steak. He then pulled vegan groceries out of shopping bags to show viewers, including vegan bacon and a package of Beyond Burgers.


Despite joking about how horrible the faux meat is, Paul listed a number of reasons for going vegan.

He says: “This is going to be a rough life, right? So why I am doing it?

“I’ve been hearing from some colleagues that going vegan makes you feel better and enhances the quality of your muscle fibre.”

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