Reading Time: 4 minutes Genesis Butler wants to put the spotlight on the damage caused by animal agriculture (Photo: Instagram/Genesis Butler)
Reading Time: 4 minutes

A new youth movement is tackling climate change – by focussing its attention on the damage animal agriculture is doing to the planet.

The Youth Climate Save Movement, led by vegan advocate Genesis Butler, is part of the Global Climate Save Movement.

Founded just two weeks ago, this first youth-led climate movement focusing on animal agriculture already has 25 chapters in 10 countries – the U.S., U.K., Brazil, Spain, Australia, Africa, Dubai, Canada, Mexico, and India.


According to the organization, its mission is to ‘give youth a platform to have their voices heard about the issues affecting our climate and their futures’.

The mission statement adds: “We stress the importance of the effects of animal agriculture as the leading cause of our environmental decline. Animal agriculture is creating climate disasters, ocean dead zones, deforestation, species extinction, animal suffering, and health impacts.

“We believe you can help by adopting a vegan diet and by working with schools, governments, and hospitals in your community to keep this planet habitable.”

‘So excited’

Genesis Butler, lead organizer, told Plant Based News: “I am so excited to start Youth Climate Save which is part of the global Climate Save movement. I have been an animal rights activist for seven years and I became a climate activist three years ago.

“There are many youth-led climate movements that are doing amazing work but they focus on fossil fuels. It’s important for people to understand how animal agriculture is just as destructive to the planet and the climate as fossil fuels.

“Activists from around the world joined forces so we can ensure animal agriculture is part of the climate change discussion and that people understand we will never be able to reverse climate change if we don’t address animal agriculture.”

‘Make the crucial connection’

Lana Weid, Youth Climate Save DC chapter organizer, added: “I have been involved in the youth climate strikes since they first came to the United States and Youth Climate Save is the first youth-led climate organization to deliberately make the crucial connection between fighting factory farming and successful climate action.

“Factory farming and animal agriculture are a massive source of greenhouse gases, especially methane which acts in the short term. Youth Climate Save organizers are bringing in a powerful element to the fight against climate change by addressing our broken food system where not only billions of animals suffer on factory farms, but also where change can bring the most opportunity for carbon sequestration and fast action against the climate crisis.”

Getting involved

The organization says there are many things young people can do to get involved: joining a chapter in their area for example.

If there isn’t already a chapter, Butler suggests setting one up – to do so, send her an Instagram message via @youthclimatesave.

Other actions people can take are to post about the environment and animal agriculture on social media, do beach, road and city block clean-ups while wearing vegan t-shirts, and organizing demonstrations among others.

You can find out more about the Youth Climate Save here

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