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‘The world’s
first vegan truck’ appeared at this year’s Pride Parade in Tel Aviv – aimed at
promoting a ‘double message’ during the event.

The Unicat

The truck –
brandishing the slogan ‘heaven is vegan’ on the side – was dubbed ‘The Unicat’ and claimed to be ‘the first vegan truck in the world’.

Included on
the massive vehicle were DJs, dancers, and a number of ‘’eaders in public
opinion’ surrounding veganism.

The vegan
icons featured on the truck included Tal Gilboa, Almog Shor, Gadi Wilcharsky,
Aviad Bavli, and Chen Tal – a number of whom are prominent vegan activists in
the area.


to the truck’s promotional page, the aim of The Unicat was to promote a ‘double
message’ of both equal love and compassion for animals.

The page
encouraged supporters to walk alongside the truck – coming together in ‘a union
of struggles to represent justice and equality’.